Top 10 Fonts for Canva Print on Demand Designs

Discover 10 recommended fonts for Canva print on demand designs, including bold and tall fonts. Explore different font pairings and alternatives to Impact font.

00:00:00 Discover 10 recommended fonts for Canva print on demand designs, including standalone fonts and font pairings with graphics. No need for Canva Pro. Join the free Canva community and explore transparent PNG files for print on demand.

🔑 You can achieve successful print on demand sales by using good font selections.

💡 The video provides 10 font suggestions for print on demand designs, whether using Canva or not.

📚 The speaker shares his experience and expertise in print on demand, offering additional resources and courses.

00:01:49 Learn how to create a design for print on demand products using Canva. Explore different fonts like Open Sans Extra Bold and League Gothic.

🔑 The video demonstrates how to create designs using Canva for print-on-demand products like t-shirts and coffee mugs.

💡 The recommended dimensions for the designs are 4500 by 5400, and a dark background color is preferred for designs on darker-colored shirts.

🖋️ The video showcases two fonts, Open Sans Extra Bold and League Gothic, which are suitable for print-on-demand projects.

00:03:43 Discover the top fonts for Canva Print on Demand. Learn about bold and tall fonts that optimize horizontal space, adjusting line height and letter spacing, and alternatives to Impact font.

⭐️ The lead gothic font in Canva is bold, tall, and doesn't occupy much horizontal space.

🔝 You can adjust the line height and letter spacing in Canva to customize the font.

🔠 Anton is a font in Canva that looks similar to Impact and can be used as an alternative.

🎨 Admin Texture is a font in Canva that allows the background color to show through for a distressed look.

00:05:37 Discover the top Canva print-on-demand fonts featuring distressed and bold designs suitable for headings. Includes Gaglin and Carter One fonts.

🔍 Canva has a built-in feature to distress fonts, making it easier for users.

🖌️ Gaglin is a popular distressed font with big bold rounded edges and a textured look.

🔠 Carter One is a unique big bold font with serifs, commonly used in YouTube thumbnails.

00:07:31 Discover the best fonts for Canva print on demand designs. Big bold fonts perform well in search results, while unique fonts may not. Check out font recommendations from a print on demand expert.

🔍 Using big bold fonts in print on demand designs improves search visibility and increases the chances of getting clicked.

📚 Font number seven, 'Bangers', has a comic book theme and is recommended for print on demand designs.

🎨 Font number eight, 'Knee Wave', has a fluffy and marshmallowy layout that works well for YouTube thumbnails and print on demand products.

00:09:26 The video discusses different fonts for print on demand designs, including the speaker's personal experience with using certain fonts on his website. He recommends Luckiest Guy and Mogra for their playful and bold styles.

💡 The speaker used to use the Baloo font on their website but no longer does.

💡 The Luckiest Guy font is big, bold, and can be scaled to be taller in Photoshop.

💡 The Mogra font is frequently used by the speaker on their YouTube thumbnails and print on demand designs.

00:11:19 Discover a versatile and playful font with rounded edges that's easy to read. However, it doesn't contrast well with uppercase and lowercase letters. Share your favorite fonts in the comments!

👀 The speaker discusses a font that resembles the Knee Wave font.

🔠 The font is described as light, playful, bold, and easy to read, but the lowercase letters do not contrast well with uppercase letters.

🌟 The speaker expresses their personal preference for the Mogra font and invites viewers to share their own favorite fonts.

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