Introduction to Political Science and its Branches

Learn about the study of politics, its connection to philosophy, and its branches like international politics and political theory.

00:00:00 Learn about political sciences and their study of theoretical and practical aspects of politics, including political systems, government, and societal behaviors. It utilizes qualitative and theoretical approaches, borrowing from other disciplines like economics, sociology, and psychology.

📚 Political science is a social science that studies political systems, governments, and societal behavior.

🔬 It uses theoretical and qualitative approaches, borrowing tools from economics, sociology, and psychology.

🌍 The discipline of political science originated from the observation of political reality.

00:01:04 The video discusses the field of political science and its development from ancient philosophers to the present day, emphasizing its connection to philosophy and its emergence as a distinct discipline in the 20th century.

📚 Political science is a relatively recent field that developed in the 20th century, with roots in ancient Greek and Roman philosophy.

💡 Political science focuses on the study of the relationships between individuals and society.

🌍 One of the key figures in the development of political science was the Renaissance philosopher Machiavelli.

00:02:06 Political science is a social science that studies power, the state, and their organization in society. It has evolved over time and is essential for societal decision-making.

🔍 Political science evolved over time and is now considered a true autonomous science, relating to other social sciences for a better understanding of studied phenomena.

💡 The object of study in political science includes power, the state, and intermediate conceptions, with varying definitions from different authors.

🌐 Political scientists play a crucial role in society by guiding decision-making processes related to its development.

00:03:09 An overview of political science and its connection to other sciences, highlighting the influence of politics on various aspects of human life.

📚 Political Science is a scientific study that is connected to various other sciences.

🔗 There is a wide range of sciences related to political science due to the politicization of different aspects of human life.

💡 Political science has a direct connection to power and the state as the dominant institution.

00:04:12 The video discusses political science and its branches, such as international politics, comparative politics, political theory, and public administration.

🔍 Political science is a multidisciplinary field that studies various aspects of politics.

🌍 International politics is the study of political dynamics between different nations.

🔎🌐 Comparative politics involves comparing the institutions and histories of different societies.

📚 Political theory focuses on the abstract study of power dynamics.

🏛️ Public administration applies political theories to the governance of societies.

00:05:17 This video provides an introduction to political science, covering topics such as political economy and political sociology.

📚 Political science is the study of the relationship between politics and economics, as well as the cultural and social aspects of communities and their chosen forms of power and domination.

💡 Economic political science examines the impact of economics on politics, while sociological political science explores how cultural, psychological, and social factors influence the forms of power and organization within communities.

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