Efficient Book Writing with AI: Tim Bosher Boucher's Guide

Learn how to write a book in a day with AI, using shorter formats and AI-generated images and content. Follow author Tim Bosher Boucher's approach to quickly write a book in 8 hours.

00:00:00 Learn how to write a book in a day, regardless of whether it's fiction or non-fiction. Discover the secret to writing a shorter book of 10,000 words or less.

📘 You can write a book in a day by using AI technology.

🔍 The definition of a book is not limited to a novel, it can be a shorter piece of writing.

💡 This approach can be applied to both fiction and non-fiction writing.

00:01:17 Shorter books are becoming more widely read and accepted, especially with decreasing attention spans. AI has made writing smaller books more feasible.

Shorter books are becoming more popular and sought after, especially in non-fiction.

The rise of platforms like YouTube and short attention spans have contributed to the demand for bite-sized information.

Advancements in AI have made it easier to create shorter books.

00:02:36 Learn how to write books economically with AI art, avoiding expensive book covers. Also explore options like mid-journey or stable diffusion for releasing books daily.

💡 Using AI art can significantly reduce the cost of book covers, making it economically feasible to release books without a high budget.

⚖️ There are legal and copyright considerations when using AI art for book covers, so it is important to be aware of these issues.

📚 Writing and releasing small books on a daily basis can be an economical option, and bundling these books together can provide an opportunity to collaborate with legitimate book cover artists.

00:03:54 Discover how to quickly write a book with AI using the concept of a lore book, as explored by author Tim Bosher Boucher. Each book delves into a unique part of a connected Universe.

📚 The concept of an Ai lorebook inspired the idea of writing a book quickly, with each book containing 2000-5000 words and AI-generated images to create a connected universe.

🌍 The author, Tim Bosher Boucher, coined the term Ai lorebook and showcased his work on an episode of the Creative Pen with Joanna Penn.

💡 The speaker adapted the concept to create their own book, using AI for the cover design and finding it to be a perfect fit for their existing idea.

00:05:10 A condensed retelling of the Egyptian creation myth in the author's interconnected universe, using a bite-sized format to cover more ground.

📚 The video discusses a unique approach to writing a book in a day using AI.

🌌 The author's approach involves retelling interconnected myths, including the Egyptian creation myth.

💡 The author incorporates previously written articles, some generated with AI, to supplement the book.

00:06:28 Learn my approach to writing a book in a day using AI, including generating images and a short story using ChatGPT. Done in 8 hours!

📚 The speaker wrote a book in a day using AI.

⏱️ It took the speaker about eight hours to write the book.

💡 The speaker used chat GPT to generate the content.

00:07:45 Learn how to write a book in a day using AI. The process involves inputting story beats and letting the AI generate the written content. Check out the book for purchase.

📚 The speaker shares their approach to writing a book in a day using AI.

⌨️ They mention using three story beats as input and letting the AI generate the story in a higher form of speech.

💲 The speaker mentions that the book is available for purchase, with links provided to both Amazon and their personal website.

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