'AI 시대'에서 사라지는 직업과 살아남을 직업은?

Professor Park Jeong-ho discusses the future of jobs in the AI era, highlighting the shift from manufacturing to service-based industries in Korea.

00:00:00 In this video, Professor Park Jeong-ho discusses the future of jobs and the uncertainty surrounding career choices in the era of AI. He explores the disappearing and surviving professions while avoiding mentions of sponsorships or brand names or subscriptions.

📌 The video discusses the concept of disappearing and surviving professions in the era of AI.

🔍 It highlights the example of a drama character who time-travelled to the 1900s and succeeded in various investments.

💼 The conversation dives into the uncertainty people feel about their future careers and the need to adapt to the changing job market.

00:01:30 The impact of AI on jobs and income levels in South Korea's industrial structure is discussed, highlighting the shift from manufacturing to information-based industries.

💼 The structure of industries and job market has changed due to AI and automation.

🏭 In the past, the manufacturing industry played a significant role in the job market.

The shift towards automation has reduced job opportunities in manufacturing and impacted wages.

00:03:02 The video discusses the changing landscape of job preferences and focuses on the shift towards service-based industries in Korea. It also explores the popularity of different fields of study in humanities and sciences over the years.

The majority of jobs in Korea are in the service industry, such as education, law, healthcare, and literature.

There is a growing preference for professions that offer higher salaries based on individual performance and expertise.

In terms of popular college majors, there has been a shift from law to business and an emphasis on interdisciplinary studies in the humanities, while medicine remains popular in the natural sciences.

00:04:34 The video discusses the impact of AI on various professions and mentions that some jobs, including secretaries, safety officers, police officers, language teachers, and lawyers, may be replaced by AI in the future.

📚 In the era of AI, certain professions are at risk of being replaced by AI technology.

🤖 AI advancements pose a threat to human jobs, even in fields like law and medicine.

⚠️ Professions that are susceptible to AI automation include secretaries, safety officers, police officers, language teachers, doctors, pharmacists, lawyers, and accountants.

00:06:06 Will jobs disappear or survive in the AI era? As computer technology advances, complex professions like doctors and lawyers may be replaced by AI. Even popular professions like doctors and lawyers are not safe.

💡 Certain professions may be replaced by AI and automation as technology advances.

🤖 Complex and repetitive tasks in professions such as medicine and law can be handled by AI.

💼 The development of AI in the legal field resulted in the dismissal of 500 junior lawyers.

00:07:37 The fourth industrial revolution will lead to a transformation in the job market, with a decrease in the significance of large corporations and a rise in innovative small companies. Promising careers and industries will emerge within this changing landscape.

🌍 The fourth industrial revolution is causing a significant decrease in jobs, leading to changes in the economic structure.

🏢 The classification of companies as large, medium-sized, and small will change, with a reduction in the role of big companies and an increase in innovative small companies.

💼 The trend of innovative small companies will lead to the emergence of promising occupations and industries.

00:09:05 The future of jobs in the AI era and the importance of adaptability and personalized trends. The integration of liberal arts and STEM education is crucial.

💡 In the age of artificial intelligence (AI) and robots, efficiency is crucial for competitiveness.

🤝 However, individuals cannot compete with AI and robots solely based on efficiency.

🔍 To succeed, individuals need to leverage their unique sensitivity and provide personalized trends.

🧠 Furthermore, a convergent mindset that combines humanities and sciences is important.

Summary of a video "'AI 시대' 사라질 직업? 살아남을 직업? (박정호 교수) / JTBC 상암동 클라스" by JTBC News on YouTube.

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