Inclusion and Collaboration: The Power of Trust and Curiosity in the Tech Industry

Jess Harvie discusses the importance of trust and curiosity in driving inclusion at a systemic level in the tech industry. Collaboration, vulnerability, and community support are crucial.

00:00:02 Jess Harvie, a strategic and creative diversity equity and social impact leader, discusses the importance of being a catalyst for change in the tech industry and how to drive inclusion at a systemic level.

⚡️ Being a catalyst in diversity, equity, and inclusion work is about driving change and encouraging others to do the same.

🌍 Jess Harvie is a leader in diversity, equity, and inclusion with experience in big tech, startups, and non-profits.

🔁 Agitation and bold actions are necessary to create meaningful change in the status quo.

00:04:46 This video discusses the importance of trust and curiosity in the work of DEI leaders. It emphasizes the need to build trust quickly and collaborate effectively to create lasting change. The speaker also highlights the Action to Catalyze Tech report as an example of collective DEI actions.

💡 Being a catalyst is important in the field of DEI and encourages teams to think about their work.

🌟 Optimism is crucial for pushing for change and addressing systemic issues like racism and diversity in companies.

🤝 Building trust and effective communication are vital skills for successful DEI leaders and catalysts.

00:09:31 This video discusses the importance of trust and curiosity in addressing diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) challenges in tech companies. It highlights the need to build trust and effectively communicate the vision to engage stakeholders and achieve accountability. Curiosity is emphasized as a key skill to understand diverse experiences and integrate DEI principles into business operations.

🔑 Trust was key in getting tech companies to sign up for a report on Dei accountability.

🌱 Building trust and effective communication were crucial in aligning stakeholders and achieving sign-ups.

🔍 Curiosity plays a vital role in approaching diversity, equity, and inclusion as an ongoing process of learning and understanding.

00:14:14 The importance of curiosity and vulnerability in fostering change and building trust. Overcoming resistance and being open to asking questions. Building trust through one-on-one relationships and creating a safe space for vulnerability.

🔑 Curiosity is essential for catalysts to navigate resistance and maximize their impact.

Being curious in the face of resistance helps identify blockers and uncover potential solutions.

🗝️ Vulnerability and building trust through one-on-one relationships create a safe space for collaboration and inclusivity.

00:18:57 Trust and curiosity are key in building collaboration and trust in DEI work. Vulnerability and one-on-one conversations are important. Challenges include maintaining momentum and commitment to DEI. Personal challenges include burnout and the importance of community support.

Building trust and collaboration through vulnerability and open communication.

Challenges in maintaining momentum and commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) efforts in businesses.

Struggles with burnout and the importance of self-care and support in DEI work.

The role of community and peers in providing support and recharge in DEI work.

00:23:40 The importance of collaboration and community in the work of diversity, equity, and inclusion in the tech industry, and the need to shift the narrative from competitiveness to collaboration.

🙌 The speaker emphasizes the importance of collaboration and support from colleagues in achieving success in their work.

🤝 The speaker criticizes the competitive nature of the tech industry when it comes to diversity, and calls for a shift towards more collaboration.

💼 The speaker discusses the competitive mindset of companies in attracting diverse talent and the need for a more holistic approach.

00:28:23 Trust & Curiosity - Jess Harvie. Jess discusses her love for free days and spending time outdoors with her dog. She also admires Jacinda Ardern's leadership and encourages rest and curiosity in DEI work.

🧠 Rest and rejuvenate before continuing the fight for diversity, equity, and inclusion.

🔍 Curiosity is a key driver of empathy and can help address DEI challenges.

👩‍💼 Jess Harvie is an experienced DEI consultant available to support organizations.

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