The 3-Step Breakdown to Secure a $250M SMMA Client

Learn how to sign massive client deals worth millions without relying on sponsorships or brand names

00:00:00 Learn how to sign massive client deals worth millions without relying on sponsorships or brand names. Build ultimate confidence and target wealthy prospects with this 3-step breakdown.

💰 Signing a $250M SMMA client and earning six figures in the first year is possible without case studies or high-pressure sales tactics.

💪 Ultimate confidence is key to signing massive deals and winning the respect of clients.

🔎 Picking the right target prospect is crucial, as most individuals with investment potential are above the age of 40.

00:03:10 How to sign a $250M SMMA client: build rapport, create a great client experience, and showcase expertise. Face-to-face meetings and a pleasant experience are crucial.

🎯 Targeted a new commercial director of a $250 million institution.

💼 Focused on creating a great client experience to close the deal.

🏢 Signed a non-disclosure agreement and had a face-to-face meeting in a high-end location.

00:06:17 In this video, learn how behaving classy and confident can attract high-paying clients. Preparation and deep discovery are key to closing big deals. Rewire your beliefs about high-ticket value to naturally close larger deals. Focus on building partnerships, not just clients.

🔑 Behaving classy attracts quality clients.

💼 Preparation is crucial for closing big deals.

💸 Signing high-ticket clients requires rewiring beliefs and providing value.

📈 Selectivity and partnership focus lead to greater revenue and success.

🤝 Building trust and understanding is essential before pitching.

00:09:26 In this video, the speaker shares how they signed a high-value client for their agency by understanding the client's needs and offering customized solutions. They emphasize the importance of building trust, identifying common enemies, and becoming a growth partner.

📊 Understanding the client's goals and needs is crucial to creating a customized proposal that meets their expectations.

💡 By asking insightful questions and uncovering the client's pains and problems, you can build trust and show them a way to overcome their challenges.

🤝 Nurturing relationships over time and focusing on long-term results can lead to successful partnerships and high-value clients.

00:12:35 In this video, the speaker shares a 3-step breakdown of how they signed a $250M SMMA client. They discuss the importance of client perception, selling the benefits of working together, and agreeing on next steps.

🔑 Understanding the client's needs and showing expertise builds trust.

🌟 Painting a vision of a successful partnership helps to sell the idea.

🤝 Agreeing on next steps based on the client's vision increases buy-in.

00:15:43 How I secured a $250M client by presenting a custom plan and leveraging their internal team. The strategy involved sales development reps, a data-backed approach, and building sales assets. Logic and emotion were used to convince decision-makers, and the final hurdle was board sign-off.

Signed a $250M SMMA client by creating a custom plan that fit their budget.

Presented a sales process that included sales development reps, a systemized approach, and sales assets.

Utilized leverage and transitioned to higher-level activities over a 12-month agreement.

Emphasized a logic-based sales process with emotional touch, targeting decision makers.

Overcame the final hurdle of getting board sign-off.

00:18:53 Learn how to effectively attract and retain high-value clients by building trust, delivering results, and acting as a true partner. Become an indispensable growth partner and maximize the effectiveness of your client's teams.

🔑 Building trust and maintaining a good reputation are crucial in securing high-level clients.

💼 Acting as a growth partner rather than just an agency can lead to long-term success and opportunities for equity.

💪 Creating confidence, providing an abundant experience, and delivering quality sales agendas are key to success.

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