Boost Your Sales on Amazon Merch Print on Demand with Fonts and Colors

Learn the best fonts and colors to use for your Amazon Merch print-on-demand products and increase sales.

00:00:00 Learn the best fonts and colors to use for your Amazon Merch print-on-demand products to make them stand out and increase sales.

🎨 The choice of font and color is crucial in print on demand for attracting buyers.

πŸ’° Selecting a few select colors for a design leads to more sales compared to offering every color option.

πŸ€” Too many color choices can lead to buyer indecision and lower sales.

00:01:51 Discover the top-performing t-shirt colors for Amazon Merch Print on Demand, including black and navy. Learn why these colors convert well and how to design for them.

It is recommended to limit the number of color options for products on Canva to streamline the buying process.

Black t-shirts are the best performing color option for t-shirt designs on Amazon Merch.

Navy t-shirts can be a good alternative to black t-shirts for certain designs, especially those with retro color schemes.

00:03:41 Discover the best-selling colors for T-shirts on Amazon Merch Print on Demand. Navy and dark Heather shirts are top choices for making designs stand out, while pink shirts are popular for women's niches.

πŸ‘• Certain designs stand out more on navy shirts than black ones, making navy a popular color choice.

🌈 Dark Heather shirts, like black and navy, help the text and designs on them to pop and attract more buyers.

πŸ’– Pink shirts are highly favored for women's niches and can also be popular in other niches as well.

00:05:31 Stand out from the competition by offering designs on different colored t-shirts, such as pink and red, instead of defaulting to black. Pink consistently outperforms other colors and can help break into competitive niches.

πŸ‘• Designing on different colored shirts can help you stand out in a sea of black t-shirt listings.

πŸ’– Designs on pink shirts tend to outperform other colors in women-centric niches.

πŸ”΄ Red shirts with white lettering are effective in breaking into competitive niches dominated by black shirts.

00:07:22 Discover how using red shirts and specific fonts can boost your sales on Amazon Merch Print on Demand. Find inspiration and similar fonts for your designs.

πŸ‘• Designing on red shirts can increase visibility and sales in different niches.

πŸ–‹οΈ Fonts like 'Gagglein' with a distressed style are popular and sell well in print-on-demand.

00:09:12 Discover the best fonts for Amazon Merch Print on Demand. Try Zoom Rough Bold and Gagglein for a distressed style, Apricot for a script font, and Lava Pro Grunge for a unique distressed look.

πŸ”€ The font 'Zoom rough bold' is recommended for its traditional bold style and slight distressing.

πŸ–ŒοΈ The font 'Apricot' is a script font that pairs well with other styles and is ideal for women's t-shirts.

⚑ The font 'Lava Pro Grunge' has a high level of distressing and variation in letter heights, making it stand out.

00:11:02 Learn about a font that can make you sell thousands of t-shirts on Amazon Merch Print on Demand. Also, discover another font that is currently popular and selling well.

πŸ‘• The lava Pro grunge font is a great choice for t-shirt designs and sells well in various niches.

🎨 The font and color choice can significantly impact the success of a t-shirt design.

✨ A groovy style wavy text font is another font that has been successful for the speaker.

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