The Significance of September for America: A Powerful Message on Power, Betrayal, and Divine Sovereignty.

September's importance for America and the dangers of religious freedom restrictions. A powerful message on power, betrayal, and divine sovereignty.

00:00:03 Two amazing people: Arthur Palowski, a pastor in Canada, standing firm on the word of Christ, and Bo Polny, discussing their experiences and the importance of September for America.

🚨 Two years ago, a video of a pastor in Canada calling out the police during a mass went viral.

😮 The pastor, Arthur Palowski, has been standing up for his beliefs based on his European lineage.

🌍 The pastor's actions reflect his strong conviction in the principles of Christ.

00:01:06 A video discusses a concerning trend where the goverment shuts down religious freedom, using historical examples. It highlights a recent incident in Canada. #FreedomOfReligion

🚨 The speaker discusses the importance of being involved in current events and mentions the Nazis' tactics of disarming and suppressing religious freedom.

The speaker recounts a personal experience of being arrested for speaking out against a certain group and highlights the suppression of free speech in Canada.

There is a pattern of intimidation and bribery used to silence individuals who oppose the actions of those in power.

00:02:11 A warning against the temptations of power and betrayal, citing biblical parallels. Acknowledges the role of divine sovereignty amidst uncertainty.

🚨 Jesus rejected the offers of power and wealth from Satan, warning against their temptations.

🔥 The devil is a creation, not a Creator, and certain events are allowed to happen according to God's plan.

🔒 The speaker observed a fence that obstructed their view.

00:03:15 A powerful vision of God shaking the world, removing people from the fence, and a message to not miss the interview.

🚨 The video discusses a revelation involving a fence and powerful hands belonging to God.

💥 The violent shaking caused by God's hands resulted in no one sitting on the fence.

🔗 A link is provided for viewers to watch the full interview and enjoy the show.

Summary of a video "SEPTEMBER, a WORD for AMERICA!🚨Artur, Bo Polny" by Gold 2020 Forecast, Bo Polny on YouTube.

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