Easy steps to make a payment online

Learn how to make a payment using an online payment service

00:00:08 Learn how to make a payment using Payoneer. Simply login to your account, select Make a Payment, enter the recipient's email, choose the currency, enter the amount, add a short description, review the details, and click Pay now.

💸 With Payoneer, you can easily make payments to anyone for free.

📧 To make a payment, log in to your Payoneer account, go to the 'Make a Payment' option, and enter the recipient's email address, currency, and amount.

Review the payment details and confirm before clicking 'Pay now'. The payment will be processed immediately.

00:01:14 Learn how to easily make payments using Payoneer. Invite recipients to join Payoneer and receive future payments easily. Get a $25 referral bonus. Complete payments with just a few clicks.

💳 Making a payment with Payoneer is a simple process that requires the recipient to join the website and receive a confirmation email.

💰 By using Payoneer's Make a Payment service, users can easily send payments to anyone, anytime, and anywhere.

🤝 Users who refer a friend to Payoneer may qualify for a $25 referral bonus.

00:02:21 Learn how to make a payment using a popular online payment service.

💳 To make a payment with Payoneer, click on the 'Help' section on the homepage, and then navigate to 'Customer Care'.

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