Overcoming Imposter Syndrome: Embracing the Feeling of Being an Imposter

Mike Cannon-Brookes explores imposter syndrome, sharing personal experiences and highlighting its potential positives as a driving force for success.

00:00:00 Mike Cannon-Brookes talks about imposter syndrome and how even though he has achieved success, he still often feels like he doesn't know what he's doing.

🎯 Imposter syndrome is the feeling of not knowing what you're doing, even with success and experience.

👥 Examples of imposter syndrome include feeling out of your depth in interviews and board meetings.

🧠 Imposter syndrome can be overcome by recognizing your achievements and seeking support from others.

00:02:04 Mike Cannon-Brookes discusses the feeling of imposter syndrome, the fear of being discovered as unskilled or unqualified in a situation. He shares personal experiences and highlights the potential positives of these feelings.

😮 Imposter syndrome is feeling out of your depth in a situation where you lack the necessary skills or qualifications.

😰 It is a fear of being discovered and the belief that someone will eventually figure out you're not good enough to be there.

👍 Despite the challenges, there is value in acknowledging and reflecting on imposter syndrome experiences.

00:04:09 Mike Cannon-Brookes shares how he embraced imposter syndrome and turned it into a driving force for success.

🗒️ The speaker discusses his experience with imposter syndrome and how he has learned to use it to his advantage.

🏆 The speaker shares the story of winning multiple entrepreneurship awards, despite feeling unworthy of the accolades.

🌍 The speaker talks about representing Australia in the world entrepreneur of the year competition.

00:06:13 A TEDxSydney talk by Mike Cannon-Brookes highlights how imposter syndrome affects even successful individuals, both in work and personal life.

🔑 Imposter syndrome is a common feeling among successful individuals, even in the face of achievements or recognition.

💡 Realizing that others also experience imposter syndrome can be a comforting realization.

🌟 Imposter syndrome can affect both professional and personal aspects of life.

00:08:19 In his TEDxSydney talk, Mike Cannon-Brookes discusses the concept of imposter syndrome in successful relationships and shares a personal anecdote about his unexpected interaction with Elon Musk on Twitter.

😊 Successful relationships thrive when both partners feel like imposters and work hard to be the best partner they can be.

🤔 Feeling like an imposter and taking risks can lead to unexpected and significant opportunities.

😲 Engaging in a Twitter exchange with Elon Musk led to a major media frenzy and unexpected challenges.

00:10:25 Mike Cannon-Brookes overcame imposter syndrome by immersing himself in learning about industrial-scale batteries, sparking a national conversation on renewable energy in Australia.

🎯 Feeling like an imposter, I took on the challenge to learn about industrial-scale batteries and the electricity grid to solve South Australia's power crisis.

🔄 Through conversations with experts and research, I became knowledgeable enough to contribute to the national conversation on renewable batteries.

💪 Instead of freezing in my imposter syndrome, I turned my fear of looking like an idiot into a motivation to learn and make a positive impact.

00:12:29 Successful people don't question themselves but regularly question their ideas. It's okay to be out of your depth and ask for advice to improve and learn. Imposter syndrome is about being aware of feeling like an imposter.

💡 Successful people may experience imposter syndrome, but they question their ideas and knowledge and seek advice to improve.

🌊 It's okay to be out of your depth and face challenges, as long as you don't freeze and harness the situation for personal growth.

🎯 Conquering imposter syndrome is not the goal, but rather being aware of it and embracing the feeling as part of personal and professional development.

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