Perception of Color: Exploring Variations and Phenomena

This TEDx talk explores the perception of color and how it varies among individuals, discussing color blindness and tetrachromacy.

00:00:07 This TEDx talk explores the perception of color and how it varies among individuals, discussing the phenomenon of color blindness and tetrachromacy.

👁️‍🗨️ Our perception of colors may differ from person to person due to the functioning of cone cells in our eyes.

🌈 Color blindness affects one in ten men, causing them to interpret colors differently.

🎨 Tetrachromacy is the ability to perceive a wider range of colors due to an extra type of cone cells.

00:01:31 Explore the perception of reality through different senses. Learn about the ability to see colors, taste flavors, and predict things. Discover the unique vision of children in the Mocken tribe.

🔎 Some people have a wider color perception range, while others perceive fewer colors.

🌈 Synesthesia is a phenomenon where people perceive reality using multiple senses, such as seeing colors when listening to music.

👧🏻🏊 Children from the Mocken tribe in Thailand have developed the ability to see clearly underwater.

00:02:54 The video explores the perception vs. reality and how our brain interprets information. Our ability to see underwater and the creation of color within ourselves are also discussed.

👶 Children have developed the ability to see perfectly underwater in order to fish.

☀️ When the sun is 50 to 90 degrees above the horizon, it has to travel through more atmosphere, causing energy rays to create color.

🗣️ We communicate what we perceive through storytelling and language.

00:04:17 The video explores the difference between perception and reality. Our individual perception is shaped by the stories we grow up with. Scientists and engineers play a crucial role in shaping our behavior and creating the tools and infrastructure that surround us.

🔑 Perception is individual, while reality is absolute.

🌍 Our perception is influenced by the stories we are told and the experiences we have.

🧠 Scientists and engineers play a significant role in shaping our behavior and creating tools that impact our daily lives.

00:05:38 Discover the influence of art on our behavior and the power of perception. Understand the impact of science fiction on technology. Explore how our brain deceives us and the importance of expanding our perception through knowledge.

🎨 Art has a significant influence on our behavior and the creation of technology.

🔍 By expanding our perception through knowledge, we can better understand the influence of symbols and our brain's deception.

🤔 Despite the vast processes that led to our existence, our brain deceives us by living in the past.

00:07:00 The speaker emphasizes the importance of being conscious of our actions as they contribute to the chain of reality. Racism and division are perceptions that we create and can overcome.

👏 Our brains process information and make decisions in a continuous chain, making it crucial to be aware of our actions and choices.

🌍 We should let go of outdated ideas that divide us based on race or color, as they are merely perceptions and not reality.

👥 Instead of division and segregation, we should focus on embracing our unity and the infinite transformations we all undergo.

00:08:23 A TEDx talk discussing the perception versus reality and the importance of cherishing the people around us.

🚀 We are all passengers on a beautiful spaceship called planet Earth, traveling through space at an incredible speed.

❤️ Next time we feel upset with someone, we should remember that it might take millions of light-years to find another amazing being like them.

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