Highlighting the Benefits of Exercise for Parkinson's Patients

Mike and Sharon discuss their experience with Parkinson's and exercise, particularly with Rogue classes that help them maintain an active lifestyle.

00:00:01 In September 2023 Rogue Member Highlight, Mike and Sharon discuss their experience with Parkinson's and exercise, particularly with Rogue classes that help them maintain an active lifestyle.

👥 Mike and Sharon share their experience with Parkinson's and exercise, specifically Rogue classes.

⛷️ Mike used to downhill ski for 40 years but had to give it up due to balance and confidence issues caused by Parkinson's.

🏋️ Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Mike and Sharon looked for alternatives to maintain their fitness and found Rogue classes.

00:03:33 A Rogue member highlights their three and a half years of exercising at home with Rogue, mentioning the convenience and variety of classes for their weekly exercise routine.

💪 The speaker joined the membership three and a half years ago and has never looked back.

🏀 The speaker's home has been transformed, with the kitchen floor now clear and yoga mats stored in the dining room.

🏋️‍♀️ Joining the online membership allowed the speaker to continue exercising regularly, even during the COVID-19 pandemic.

🌲 The speaker noticed the benefits of Rogue during a challenging hike, realizing the positive impact it had on their overall fitness.

📆 The speaker's weekly exercise routine involves an average of five to six sessions, including dance, boxing, power, yoga, and brain exercises.

00:07:06 September 2023 Rogue Member Highlight featuring Mike P! They discuss their exercise routine, emphasizing the flexibility and variety of classes they do online. They also mention the convenience of exercising from home and the benefits it brings to their overall well-being.

📅 Tracking and planning workouts on a calendar helps maintain consistency.

🔄 Flexibility to choose different workout classes based on mood and intensity preference.

Fitting exercise into daily schedule, adjusting length based on time constraints.

00:10:38 In this video, Mike P. discusses the positive impact of working with a physiotherapist from Rogue on his health and symptoms, including improved posture, gait, and mood. He emphasizes the importance of sharing both wins and challenges in order to support and inspire others.

👥 Having a supportive care partner is essential for maximizing health.

🧠 Short-term memory is significantly impacted, requiring careful communication.

💪 Sharing experiences and challenges helps create a supportive community.

00:14:11 A highlight of a Rogue member and their experience with online fitness classes, including the benefits of working with a physical therapist alongside the classes.

🔑 Observing and tracking progress over time is important for identifying changes and areas of improvement.

🏋️‍♂️ Working with a physical therapist in addition to online workouts provides valuable guidance and personalized feedback.

👫 Exercising with a partner can offer motivation, support, and the opportunity to challenge oneself.

00:17:46 In September 2023, Mike P. is highlighted as a Rogue member. He shares his journey of quitting and relearning downhill skiing with Parkinson's, emphasizing the importance of exercise for real-life activities. Additionally, he discusses his participation in speech therapy and the benefits of consistent practice.

💃 Mike quit downhill skiing due to Parkinson's but relearned how to ski with the help of an instructor and continued skiing for three more years.

🏋️‍♂️ The purpose of exercising is to have the strength and stamina to engage in activities like bushwhacking and skiing in real life.

🗣️ Mike participates in speech therapy classes called 'loud crowd' to improve his speech and communication skills.

00:21:19 September 2023 Rogue Member Highlight ~ Mike P!

🎓 The educational side of Rogue has been incredibly beneficial for the college student, particularly the Pro PD program.

🥦💊💪 Rogue introduced the concept of the three-legged stool, emphasizing the interplay between fitness, medication, and food in managing Parkinson's disease.

📚 The college student actively participates in monthly educational meetings and takes advantage of resources from the provincial Parkinson's Association and the Michael J. Fox Foundation.

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