Rwandan Students' Remarkable Achievement: Overcoming COVID-19 Disruptions and Succeeding in National Exams

Students in Rwanda overcome COVID-19 disruptions and achieve a milestone by sitting in National Exams with determination and hope for the future.

00:00:01 Students in Rwanda overcome COVID-19 disruptions to sit for national exams, displaying determination and confidence in their preparation.

📚 Despite the disruptions caused by COVID-19, students in Rwanda were able to sit for their national exams.

😷 Students expressed concerns and fears about their ability to study and perform well during the pandemic.

💪 With determination and preparation, students overcame their challenges and were confident in their readiness for the exams.

00:01:04 Despite #COVID19 disruptions, students in Rwanda have achieved a milestone by sitting in National Exams. They have hope for the future and believe they will pass.

📚 Despite disruptions caused by #COVID19, students in Rwanda have successfully sat for their national exams.

💪 The students have shown resilience and confidence in their ability to pass the exams.

🎓 Passing the national exams is seen as a significant achievement and a stepping stone towards future career aspirations.

00:02:24 Students in Rwanda overcome #COVID19 disruptions to sit in national exams, a remarkable milestone achievement.

✔️ Students in Rwanda successfully completed national exams despite COVID-19 disruptions.

Summary of a video "Students sitting in National Exams in Rwanda, a milestone achievement despite #COVID19 disruptions" by UNICEF Rwanda on YouTube.

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