Meditation for Support: Ukraine Support Project with Thomas Hübl

Experience a guided meditation session by Thomas Hübl as part of the Ukraine Support Project, supporting Ukraine in their time of need.

00:00:04 A call for global resourcing of Ukraine in support of the Ukrainian people who have endured great loss and ongoing destabilization. The Ukraine Support Project offers various forms of support and training to help cope with the intense emotions brought on by the war.

The Ukraine Support Project provides support and resources to the Ukrainian people who have experienced great loss and courage due to the war.

The ongoing war has caused intense emotions and a deep mixture of feelings in Ukraine, making it important to find places of resourcing and grounding.

The war has resulted in exhaustion and a need for a pause, as the intensity continues and the expected duration of the war has been exceeded.

00:04:32 A meditation session is held as part of the Ukraine Support Project. The speaker emphasizes the importance of silence and reflection, acknowledging the collective emotions and potential impact on future generations.

📝 The speaker reflects on the need for silence and meditation during a period of exhaustion and preparation for an event.

🌊 There are deeply felt emotions and unfelt emotions that can impact future generations and neighboring cultures.

🙏 The speaker welcomes everyone and emphasizes the importance of creating a resourcing space for meditation and community support.

00:08:59 Experience a guided meditation by Thomas Hübl, focusing on noticing your breath and connecting with your body. Feel grounded and present.

⭐️ This video is a guided meditation session with Thomas Hübl.

🌬 Focus on your breathing and notice your physical, emotional, and mental experiences.

🌳 Feel the connection with the ground beneath your feet and the support it provides.

00:13:27 Experience the support of your body, breath, and community to create space for witnessing and acknowledging your current situation.

🧘 Meditation helps us feel supported by our body and breath, allowing us to be present in our emotional experiences.

🤝 Community and togetherness are essential for support and creating space for ourselves and others.

🌌 Through meditation, we can cultivate the capacity to witness and be present in the current situation.

00:18:10 Experience collective intimacy and stillness in Ukraine Support Project - Meditation with Thomas Hübl.

🧘‍♂️ Meditation helps us experience collective intimacy and togetherness.

💆‍♂️ Stillness and breathing strengthen our capacity to witness and face challenging situations.

⚡️ Meditation provides a powerful tool for maintaining resilience over an extended period of time.

00:23:39 A meditation practice to support oneself and others by inviting positive inner support and healing, strengthening trust and courage in relationships.

🧘 Meditation is a powerful tool to support oneself and others.

🌟 The purpose of meditation is to invite positive inner support and healing.

💪 Meditation can strengthen trust, courage, and human relationships.

00:28:08 Thomas Hübl leads a meditation session to show support for Ukraine. Learn more about the project and consider donating to help Ukrainian refugees.

The Ukraine Support Project offers one-on-one support to Ukrainian refugees.

💝 The project aims to foster friendship and love for the Ukrainian people and culture.

🙏 Participants express gratitude for the support and the calming effect it has on them.

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