Master the Art of Better Decision-Making

Learn 3 steps to better decision-making: challenge constraints, embrace innovative ideas, and reflect on outcomes.

00:00:00 Learn 3 steps to better decision making: challenge constraints, maximize opportunities, and embrace innovative ideas.

🧩 The video discusses a class exercise where students had to turn $5 into the most money in a short timeframe.

💡 The winning team didn't use the $5 and instead sold the rights to their presentation to a company.

🔑 Challenging constraints is important in decision making to maximize opportunities.

00:01:54 Learn three steps to improve decision-making, including challenging constraints and reflecting on outcomes, from a leadership development company.

🔑 The speaker shares three steps to better decision-making.

🚦 The first step is to challenge the constraints and consider what barriers are holding you back.

🔍 The second step is to reflect on the decision-making process and identify what went right and wrong.

🚧 The third step is to gather diverse perspectives and insights to make more informed decisions.

00:03:48 Learn 3 steps to better decision-making: embrace pre-mortem, consider failure, and avoid unintended consequences. Illustrated by a story of unintended consequences during British colonialization in India.

🔑 Embrace a pre-mortem approach to decision making by considering potential failures before taking action.

📉 Many professionals focus only on envisioning success and neglect brainstorming potential failures.

🐍 The story of the British government offering a reward for killing Cobras resulted in unintended consequences.

00:05:44 Learn 3 steps to better decision making: challenge constraints, contemplate failure, and embrace pre-mortem. Avoid catastrophic mistakes. TEDxOakLawn.

🔑 The concept of the Cobra effect illustrates how the apparent solution to a problem can make it worse.

🔑 Embracing a pre-mortem can prevent failures and improve decision-making.

🔑 Challenging constraints and contemplating failure are important steps in the decision-making process.

00:07:39 Learn three steps to better decision-making and the importance of checking the basics. Explore the impact of unforeseen events on decision-making and the downfall of overlooking simple tasks.

🔑 The first step to better decision making is thinking outside the box.

💡 The second step is to check the basics and not overlook small details.

The third step is to complete the basic tasks before making a decision, even under pressure.

00:09:35 Sully Sullenberger made a remarkable decision by landing a disabled plane on the Hudson River, challenging the constraints and ensuring a safe outcome.

🛫 An ordinary flight turned into an emergency landing on the Hudson River due to a bird strike.

✈️ The pilot, Sully Sullenberger, made the decision to land on the river, considering the constraints and the safety of the passengers.

🌊 Sully's decision-making process involved assessing the feasibility of a water rescue in freezing temperatures.

00:11:30 Learn 3 steps to make better decisions: challenge constraints, embrace pre-mortem, and check basics. Inspiring story of Captain Sullenberger's landing in the river.

✈️ Capt. Sullenberger's decision-making process during a plane landing saved all 150 people on board.

🔍 Before making a decision, challenge the constraints and think big and different.

💡 Embrace a pre-mortem to anticipate mistakes and formulate the correct course of action.

🔎 Check the basics to ensure small details don't hinder success.

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