A Touching Encounter: Japanese Man's Impact on a Canadian Girl's Life

Japanese man helps Canadian girl with tumor after doctors give up on surgery.

00:00:00 A Japanese man approached a young Canadian girl whose surgery had been abandoned due to the size and danger of her tumor. The man's actions surprised the doctors.

🏥 A young girl with a large tumor in her arm and armpit is deemed untreatable by Canadian doctors.

👴 A Japanese man in the same hospital room as the girl defies the doctors' warnings and approaches her.

🌟 The girl's condition improves significantly after the interaction with the Japanese man.

00:02:13 A Japanese man approached a Canadian girl who had a tumor and doctors had given up on surgery. As a result, something happened that alarmed her mother.

💡 The parents initially avoided taking their daughter to the hospital due to high medical costs and insurance considerations.

🏥 The daughter developed a strange symptom in her arm, which gradually became black and swollen.

⚠️ The parents realized the seriousness of the situation when the daughter's teacher called to report the abnormality and advised immediate medical attention.

00:04:27 A Japanese couple living next door to a Canadian girl with a tumor lend her money for medical treatment when her husband refuses to help.

💼 A young girl in Canada faced a serious medical condition, but her husband dismissed her concerns and refused to seek medical help.

🤝 The girl approached a Japanese couple who recently moved into her neighborhood and asked for their assistance, showing them a photo of her daughter and pleading for financial support.

🙏 The Japanese couple, despite being strangers, empathized with the girl's situation and generously lent her a significant amount of money to cover the medical expenses and accompanied her to the hospital.

00:06:40 A Japanese man approached a Canadian girl rejected for surgery due to a tumor, resulting in a surprising turn of events.

🔍 The doctor discovered a unique and complex combination of two diseases in the patient's tumor.

💉 Multiple doctors held a treatment meeting but concluded that there were no viable options currently available for treatment.

💲 The patient's family borrowed money from a Japanese couple to pay for the hospital expenses.

00:08:51 A Japanese man approached a Canadian girl who was denied surgery for a tumor on her arm, resulting in a life-changing event.

⭐ A young girl in Canada had a tumor that doctors couldn't operate on, causing her mother to struggle to pay for her treatment.

💼 The mother had to work three part-time jobs to cover the increasing hospital bills and eventually borrowed money from a Japanese couple.

🏥 After six months, the girl received devastating news that the tumor had spread and she was moved to a despairing room where only patients who couldn't have further treatment were placed.

00:11:03 A Japanese elderly man approached a Canadian girl with a tumor and advised her to seek further treatment. The man turned out to be the grandfather of a Japanese couple who came to Canada for their own treatment. With the help of the Japanese grandfather, the girl was able to receive the surgery she needed.

👴 A Japanese elderly man, who was a skilled doctor in Japan, advised a Canadian girl that her tumor is not cancer and she should seek further medical opinions.

👫 The Japanese couple visiting the girl's hospital room turned out to be the grandfather and grandmother of the Japanese man who gave the advice, and they had come to Canada to fulfill the final wish of their late father.

⚕️ With the strong recommendation from the Japanese grandfather, the girl was able to receive the latest treatment in a Canadian hospital, despite the initial skepticism of Canadian doctors.

00:13:16 A Japanese man approached a Canadian girl whose doctors had given up on her due to a tumor on her arm. The girl later recovered and went to Japan to live with the Japanese couple who helped her.

👩‍⚕️ The doctor discovered that the growth on the girl's arm was not cancerous, but a benign tumor.

🤝 Despite suffering from stomach cancer himself, Mr. Matsumoto performed surgery on the girl and reassured her mother that her daughter would recover.

🙏 The girl has since recovered quickly, and she and her mother are grateful to the Japanese couple who provided financial assistance and Mr. Matsumoto who saved her life.

Summary of a video "腕にできた腫瘍で医者も手術を断念したカナダの少女に、同じ病室にいた日本人のおじいさんが近づいた結果起こった出来事" by MJGA on YouTube.

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