The Explanation of Axiological Subjectivism

This video explains axiological subjectivism, where individuals assign value based on subjective nature. Axiological subjectivism is based on psychological interpretation and personal experience.

00:00:00 This video explains the concept of axiological subjectivism, which states that individuals assign value to things based on subjective and sentimental nature. Values depend on the individual and are a product of human minds.

馃攽 Subjetivismo axiol贸gico is the belief that the subject gives value to things, rather than things having inherent value.

馃挕 Values are subjective and depend on the individual, as well as collective reactions.

馃 The value of things is a result of human perception and evaluation.

00:01:04 The video explains the concept of Axiological Subjectivism, which is based on psychological interpretation and factors such as personal experience, opinion, and psychological state.

馃挕 Subjective axiology is based on a psychological interpretation that considers the psychological state and experience of the subject.

馃攳 There are three factors that influence subjective axiology: personal experience, opinions (personal, collective, or ideological), and psychological and emotional states.

馃摎 Two schools of thought studied how to define subjective axiology in depth.

00:02:11 Explanation of Axiological Subjectivism - Austrian and Neo-Kantian perspectives on value as subjective experience and idea respectively.

馃摎 The Austrian and Neo-Kantian schools have different views on the concept of value.

馃И In the first subjetivismo, value is based on pleasure, while in the second subjetivismo, it is determined by human interest.

馃實 Friedrich Nietzsche believes that value is based on subjective experience and is always subjective to the individual.

00:03:16 This video explains Subjective Axiology, where values are based on human emotions, desires, and relativity. No mention of sponsorships or brand names.

馃摎 Subjectivism in axiology is the belief that values are based on personal preferences and positivity.

馃實 Different philosophers have different theories on the foundation of values, ranging from animosity to desire.

馃懃 Subjectivity plays a role in determining what is considered good or bad based on individual desires.

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