Unlocking Your Potential: A Guide to Employability

Understanding employability: the skills, qualities, and attitude that make you valuable to a company. Key factors include communication, adaptability, and growth mindset.

00:00:00 Employability is about the skills and qualities that make you valuable to a company throughout your career. It's not just about specific skills, but also about fitting into the organization and being a representative for them.

👥 Employability is about the skills an individual can offer a company throughout their career and how they fit into the organization.

🔍 Employers look for bright and intelligent individuals who question the status quo and can think creatively to improve future outcomes.

💼 Representing an organization and building partnerships across different sectors requires confidence and effective communication skills.

00:01:04 The importance of communication, attitude, and skills in employability, including adaptability to change and building an online profile.

🗣️ Communication skills are crucial for success.

💼 Attitude and willingness to learn are essential for employers.

🤝 Graduates should focus on interpersonal and organizational skills.

🌐 Building an online profile, especially on LinkedIn, is important for employability.

00:02:09 Employers value potential and growth when seeking employees, not just the finished product. Be open to feedback and demonstrate your potential for success.

🔑 Employers value feedback and look for individuals with potential for growth.

💼 Employability is not about being a finished product but about demonstrating potential.

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