The New Era of Digital Marketing in 2023

Join the digital wave of 2023, create a supportive community, monetize on YouTube, and empower followers to earn money.

00:00:01 In this video, Rayan Santos discusses the new trend in digital marketing and how he is giving away money to his followers. He explains how he is creating a community and engaging with his audience.

πŸ“Ή The video discusses the emerging trend of digital marketing and the transition of a living space into an office for a company.

πŸ’° The speaker mentions giving away a significant amount of money to his followers as part of a digital marketing strategy.

🌐 The video highlights the growing importance of building a community in the digital marketing world.

00:02:13 A digital trend in 2023 involves a project called Jumbo, where participants can monetize their content on YouTube and TikTok through viralizing videos and increasing engagement. Metrics such as reach, volume, and comments are used to evaluate participants.

πŸ“Ί The video discusses the concept of a digital project called 'Projeto Jumbo' and how it involves using the creator's image and content on platforms like TikTok and YouTube for potential monetization.

πŸ’° Participants in the project have the opportunity to earn money based on their engagement and performance, with the top five winners receiving cash prizes.

πŸ“ˆ The metrics used to assess performance include reach, volume of content created, engagement, and comments on various social media platforms.

00:04:24 The Brazilian digital marketing scene has been copying strategies with success, including Twitter and LinkedIn. Join the Jumbo project to learn and monetize on YouTube while being part of a supportive community.

πŸ“š Brazilian digital marketing professionals are starting to adopt strategies from a well-known figure in the industry.

πŸ’‘ The speaker introduces a successful strategy called 'Project Jumbo' and provides a signup link for interested individuals.

🌐 The speaker highlights the importance of using Twitter and LinkedIn to replicate his strategies and mentions the supportive community on Discord.

00:06:36 The digital wave in 2023 is changing the game. Successful individuals have leveraged their skills to become wealthy. The trend now is to empower followers to earn money, a shift from selling products to them.

πŸ“ˆ The trend in digital marketing is shifting towards building authority and empowering followers.

πŸ’° Previously, the focus was on selling products to followers, but now the emphasis is on putting money in their pockets.

πŸ‘‘ Successful marketers are those who establish themselves as authorities in their field and have a strong following.

00:08:45 The digital marketing trend of 2023 focuses on creating a community and monetizing through a large online base instead of selling courses or products.

πŸ“Š The key trend in digital marketing is building a community.

πŸ’° Monetization should focus on generating a large audience and selling a qualified database.

πŸ’‘ Investing in companies with no clients and leveraging a large database can be profitable.

00:10:57 The digital revolution in 2023 emphasizes the importance of engaging with and gaining credibility from the audience rather than just selling to them. Long-term vision and providing value to followers are key.

πŸ’‘ The current trend in digital marketing is to focus on building credibility and trust with the audience rather than direct sales.

πŸ’° Creators can monetize their audience indirectly through partnerships or endorsements, like Mr. Beast does.

πŸ” Having a long-term vision and consistently providing value to followers is key for success in the digital space.

00:13:08 The digital wave in 2023 is all about competition and being a go-getter. Join the journey, participate, and see success.

πŸ’° The speaker mentions their foundation in Rio and giving money to those who are working hard and competing.

πŸ‘₯ The speaker emphasizes the importance of competitiveness in the job market and investment.

🎯 The speaker encourages young people to develop a competitive mindset, even in everyday activities.

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