Advanced Technology Vocabulary for IELTS

Learn advanced vocabulary related to technology for IELTS writing and speaking.

00:00:00 Learn advanced vocabulary related to technology for IELTS writing and speaking. First word: cutting edge - the latest and most advanced technology.

🔪 Cutting edge: The latest and most advanced technology in any field.

00:01:13 Learn essential vocabulary related to technology in this IELTS lesson, including phrases like 'state of the art' and 'breakthrough'.

📱 State of the art refers to the latest technology that is impossible to break, such as the security system of a central prison.

💡 Breakthrough means developing innovative solutions or making great progress, like in the field of cancer research with the help of latest instruments.

💻 Tech-savvy refers to a person who has great knowledge of technology and regularly uses it, like Mark who is always busy with his new gadgets.

00:02:27 Explore IELTS 8 BANDS VOCABULARY TECHNOLOGY in 30-word summary: Obsolete 2G technology is being revolutionized by the intuitive and user-friendly 5G technology, making mobile data accessible to all.

📱 Obsolete technology such as 2G is being replaced by 5G.

🚀 Jio has revolutionized the mobile market in India.

🎮 Intuitive mobile apps and video games are easy to use.

00:03:41 Learn essential vocabulary related to technology in this IELTS video. Topics include intuitive voice, censorship, navigate, and automation.

📱 Technology, including social media platforms like Facebook and WhatsApp, is being monitored by governments due to the spread of fake news.

🔍 Navigate is a term used to search for something or browse websites.

⚙️ Automation refers to the process of making a task or process automatic.

00:04:53 Learn about technology vocabulary and the difference between a technophile and a technophobe.

🤖 The invention of robots has led to automation in many industries, reducing the need for human labor.

🧑‍💻 A technophile is someone who loves or enjoys technology, often attending technology-related events.

🙅‍♂️ On the other hand, a technophobe is someone who has a fear or aversion to technology.

00:06:04 Learn important technology vocabulary words related to fear of technology, technical errors, and the impact of glitches on Facebook's worldwide outage.

Technophobe is a person who does not like to use technology.

Glitch means a small technical error or flaw.

Facebook experienced a worldwide outage for nearly an hour due to a glitch in their servers.

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