TWICE REALITY 'TIME TO TWICE' Healing December EP.01: Cozy Vacation Getaway

TWICE members go on a road trip to a cozy vacation home, exploring the house and enjoying delicious food. They have a relaxing getaway filled with shopping and beautiful views.

00:00:19 TWICE members go on a trip to Gapyeong, enjoy delicious food, and receive a surprise envelope with cash and a car key.

📺 TWICE members arrive in Gapyeong for a trip and are excited to explore.

🍽️ They order a variety of delicious food, including Dakgalbi and Yeolmuguksu.

💰🔑 The members receive a mysterious envelope with cash and a car key for their end of the year trip.

00:03:57 Members of the TWICE group enjoy a delicious meal together and prepare for their trip. They encounter some obstacles but still have fun on their journey to their stay.

🍽️ The members of TWICE enjoy a delicious meal together, feeling like they're having a corporate dinner.

🛒 NAYEON, MOMO, JIHYO, and CHAEYOUNG go grocery shopping while the others head to their stay, enjoying their favorite snacks on the trip.

🚗 The members have a fun and relaxed road trip, driving one-handed and enjoying the beautiful scenery, while looking forward to coffee and discovering a distillery along the way.

00:07:33 TWICE Reality 'Time to TWICE' Healing December EP.01: TWICE goes on a road trip to a grocery store but gets lost along the way.

The members of TWICE are on a road trip to a grocery store in a mountainous area.

They encounter some navigation issues and end up at the wrong location.

While waiting for the rest of the members, they decide to take a rest and have some fun.

00:11:12 TWICE members go on a relaxing drive and arrive at a beautiful vacation home. They explore the house, including a basement and a luxurious bathtub, expressing their love for the place.

🚗 The members select music for a drive and enjoy a long drive together.

🍡 They receive sweet potatoes and marshmallows as a gift and have fun roasting marshmallows.

🏡 The members arrive at a beautiful pension and are amazed by its features, including a karaoke room and a sun tree bathtub.

00:14:47 TWICE members enjoy a cozy time together, making fish-shaped bread and discussing the meanings of Korean romantic terms.

🍰 The members discuss what kind of drinks and desserts they want.

💤 SANA takes a nap in a cozy room with ondol (Korean floor heating system).

🐟 JEONGYEON and TZUYU make fish-shaped bread.

00:18:23 TWICE members enjoy a cozy tea time with grandma, take naps, go grocery shopping, and bake and eat delicious fish-shaped bread in the winter.

🍵 Enjoying a cup of hot tea and reminiscing with grandma JEONGYEON

🛌 Taking a cozy nap in a soft bed while waiting for the members

🛒 Having a fun shopping day and enjoying favorite snacks like ramyeon

🍞 Making delicious fish-shaped bread and savoring the winter flavors

00:22:03 TWICE enjoys a relaxing getaway filled with shopping, food, and beautiful views in the first episode of TWICE REALITY 'TIME TO TWICE' Healing December.

😌 The video is about a group of people enjoying a relaxing and luxurious getaway.

🛁 The group mentions the perfect ambiance of the bathtub, including the lighting, temperature, and sound.

🏨 They talk about their excitement upon arriving at the location and mention the beautiful view and space.

Summary of a video "TWICE REALITY "TIME TO TWICE" Healing December EP.01" by TWICE on YouTube.

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