Guardians of the Lomas: Protecting and Preserving the Natural Beauty

Challenges faced by defenders of the lomas, importance of protecting the environment, fog harvesting, and community involvement in preserving the hills.

00:00:04 A look into the challenges faced by defenders of the lomas, including invasions and lack of authority. Overcoming ignorance to protect this natural treasure.

🌄 The video explores the beauty and cultural significance of the lomas.

🚩 A major problem facing the lomas is the invasion of land by illegal settlers.

💡 The lack of authority and awareness contribute to the degradation of the lomas.

00:01:45 A video about the lomas and their defenders, exploring why they become green in summer and the importance of protecting the environment.

🌿 The video explores the phenomenon of greenery in summer and its revival year after year.

🌧️ The importance of rainfall for the growth and survival of plants is highlighted.

🌍 The need to prioritize environmental conservation and take action to protect it is emphasized.

00:03:24 Defending the lungs of the community, the video explores the degradation of green areas and the importance of environmental leaders in preserving them.

🌿 The video discusses the importance of the lomas as the lungs of the community and the gradual degradation of these areas.

🌎 Efforts are being made to create environmental teams to raise awareness and protect these green spaces.

💚 There is a scarcity of green areas in the city, emphasizing the significance of preserving the lomas.

00:05:03 The video explores fog harvesting and its benefits for water restoration. It also mentions the formation of an organized association and the importance of building connections with institutions.

🌫️ The video discusses the importance of fog and its potential for capturing water for restoration purposes.

💦 A study was conducted to determine the amount of fog water that can be captured per square meter of mesh over a specific time period.

🌱 The captured fog water can be used for irrigation in reservoirs, helping with the implementation of a sustainable irrigation system.

00:06:41 Behind the mist: the hills and their defenders. Municipal funding was obtained to improve the circuit of the hills, including wider paths, terraces for stability, informative panels, and renovated bathrooms. A well-equipped team was also acquired for better visitor service.

🏞️ The municipality of Lima won a contest to finance the restoration of the lomas, improving pathways, adding terraces for stability, and installing informative panels and restroom facilities.

🚀 Obtaining the necessary logistics and equipment, such as uniforms, communication devices, and other important tools, has allowed the organization to provide a better service to visitors and reactivate tourism in the area.

🌎 The project funding has played a vital role in the restoration of the lomas and has contributed to the overall development and promotion of tourism in the region.

00:08:19 Discover the beauty of the lomas and the efforts of their defenders in promoting sustainable tourism and community involvement. Let's change the perception of the district and protect this space for future generations.

🌿 Community involvement is crucial for sustainable tourism and development.

🏞️ Working together to protect our ecosystems benefits everyone.

🌍 Generating pride and identity in our heritage fosters positive change.

00:09:56 A group of determined locals work to preserve the beautiful lomas and protect them for the benefit of society and tourism.

🌿 The speaker and their neighbors are determined to preserve the lomas and believe it is a challenge if not everyone is involved.

👭 They want to promote tourism in the area to benefit the local population.

😊 Caring for the lomas brings the speaker and their community joy as they are protecting something that will benefit society as a whole.

Summary of a video "Detrás de la neblina: las lomas y sus defensores" by PNUD PERÚ on YouTube.

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