From Childhood Fascination to Comic Book Success: The Inspiring Journey of Humberto Ramos

Humberto Ramos shares his inspiring journey of becoming a comic book artist, from childhood fascination to achieving success against all odds.

00:00:00 Humberto Ramos shares his journey of becoming a fan of superheroes and comics through his childhood experiences of reading and being captivated by the story of 'El asombroso Hombre Araña'.

📚 The speaker, Humberto Ramos, shares his passion for drawing and superheroes.

📖 As a child, Ramos developed a love for reading comic books and became fascinated with the ongoing stories.

This sparked his lifelong journey as an artist and illustrator.

00:03:19 The speaker expresses gratitude to two individuals who greatly influenced their love for drawing comics and pursuing their dream of becoming a superhero.

📚 The speaker's passion for Spider-Man comics sparked their career as an artist.

🎨 Despite others losing interest, the speaker continued to draw and read comics, finding happiness in their art.

🙌 The speaker expresses gratitude to individuals who supported and influenced their artistic journey.

00:06:40 A personal story of how the speaker's journey to become an engineer turned into a passion for graphic design, despite initial resistance from his father.

🎓 The speaker initially felt pressured to become an engineer, but discovered a passion for graphic design.

💪 Despite the doubts from his father, the speaker pursued his dream of becoming a graphic designer.

💡 The speaker faced challenges in getting accepted into the desired university, but eventually succeeded.

00:09:58 A TEDx talk by Humberto Ramos about his journey to becoming a comic book artist, from studying in the library to finding his passion at San Diego Comicon.

🎯 Setting a goal to attend a prestigious university became the driving force in the speaker's life.

📚 Although the university did not teach the speaker about creating comics, it provided valuable connections in the industry.

📖 Through interactions with a group of comic book enthusiasts, the speaker discovered the larger world of comics and its potential opportunities.

00:13:18 A story of pursuing dreams, overcoming rejection, and finding success in the face of adversity. Inspiring and motivational.

🎯 Setting goals and working towards them can lead to success.

🎵 Finding motivation and inspiration through music.

💪 Overcoming rejection and turning it into a challenge.

00:16:39 A young man shares his struggle to find work and support his family while waiting for a promised opportunity.

💪 Despite facing challenges and waiting for a promised opportunity, the speaker persevered and continued working towards their goals.

☎️ To stay connected and pursue their dreams, the speaker used creative methods, such as sending faxes and finding alternative ways to make international calls.

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 The speaker's determination to support their family and contribute to the household income added to the pressure and complexity of their situation.

00:19:56 From receiving his first package as a graphic designer to eventually drawing 'The Amazing Spiderman', Humberto Ramos shares his journey of pursuing dreams and achieving goals.

💼 After receiving his first package as a graphic designer, Humberto Ramos embarked on a 15-year journey to draw 'The Amazing Spiderman', a significant title for Marvel.

💪 Through daily drawings, experiences, and support from others, Humberto Ramos demonstrates the importance of working towards goals to achieve dreams.

🌟 With determination and the support of his family, Humberto Ramos exemplifies the idea that dreams are admired, but goals are accomplished with hard work.

Summary of a video "Por los sueños se suspira, por las metas se trabaja. | Humberto Ramos | TEDxCuauhtémoc" by TEDx Talks on YouTube.

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