Respect and Etiquette: The Short Film 'Unggah Ungguh'

A short film titled 'Unggah Ungguh' about respect and etiquette starring Salma and directed by Angkor Agan Winarno.

00:00:00 A short HD film titled 'Unggah Ungguh' featuring Salma and directed by Angkor Agan Winarno is about respect and etiquette.

🎥 The video discusses the concept of uploading short films in high definition.

⏱️ It highlights the importance of dhuha prayer and the benefits of practicing it regularly.

🙏 The video emphasizes the significance of having proper manners and etiquette in interactions and storytelling.

00:01:08 Short HD film upload. Traditional elements and success story shared.

🎬 The video is about the upload of a short film in HD quality.

🎵 There is background music playing throughout the video.

🎙️ The speaker discusses the development and success of the film.

00:02:17 Short HD film upload. Unexpectedly respectful parent, I never ask for lowly manners. Late bird, how? Gembos can be late, Senipah Andang demo, help is needed. Okay Guys, let's lift together, Toa Tom's price.

📽️ The video discusses the importance of uploading high-definition short films.

🎬 It highlights the need for respectful behavior and punctuality in the film industry.

💡 The video emphasizes the value of collaboration and teamwork in film production.

00:03:19 A short film about the luxurious Typhoon Cafe and its various dishes and activities.

🎥 The video is about a short film in HD quality.

💰 There is mention of luxury, expensive food, and renting a Jeep.

❤️ The characters have a loving and caring attitude towards each other.

00:04:31 A short HD film is uploaded late, sparking confusion and a request for help. A cultural aspect is mentioned as well as the need for assistance.

🎥 The video is about uploading high-definition short films.

There was a delay of one hour in the device software.

🎨 The film showcases the art and culture of a certain region.

00:05:37 Short HD film upload. Yowis Gedung tests the shirt and practices for tomorrow. Leaders help with the discussion, while others take photos and videos. The song continues.

:camera: The video discusses the process of uploading short films in HD quality.

:shirt: The speaker mentions trying on a t-shirt and practicing for something related to wearing protective clothing.

:musical_note: There is a mention of music playing and a request to stop the music.

00:06:41 A short HD film upload.

🎥 The video is about uploading short HD films.

👶 There is a mention of baby powder.

Summary of a video "Unggah Ungguh Film Pendek HD" by 8 Productions on YouTube.

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