5 Tips to Succeed as a Fashion Buyer - Insights from Carmen Borgonovo

Learn the top 5 tips to become a successful fashion buyer from Carmen Borgonovo, fashion director of my-wardrobe.com.

00:00:05 Carmen Borgonovo, the fashion director of my-wardrobe.com, shares her top 5 tips on becoming a successful fashion buyer, including traveling to fashion capitals, discovering emerging designers, and studying international relations.

🌍 As a fashion buyer, Carmen Berger novo travels around the world to visit showrooms and designers, selecting pieces to sell on the website.

🤝 She enjoys discovering and supporting emerging designers, helping them with their business and buying their collections.

🎓 Although she didn't study fashion, Carmen pursued international relations and political science, which allowed her to meet diverse individuals and gain a global perspective.

00:01:10 Fashion Buyer shares her journey from interning at fashion magazines in New York to becoming a well-informed industry expert and gives tips on choosing your buyer niche.

📚 The speaker shares her journey of working in the fashion industry and emphasizes the importance of taking risks and internships.

💼 She highlights the significance of gaining experience in different fashion magazines, including Harper's, Vogue, W, and Women's Wear Daily.

💡 The speaker advises aspiring fashion buyers to first understand the industry and determine their desired buyer profile, whether it's commercial, avant-garde, or online.

00:02:12 Learn the top 5 tips to succeed as a fashion buyer in a competitive industry. Stay confident, have a vision, and write a compelling CV and cover letter.

💡 Having a clear vision and staying confident are crucial for success in the fashion industry.

🔑 Fashion is highly competitive and commercialized, making it important to stand out with a strong CV and cover letter.

📚 Being well-informed and demonstrating passion is essential when seeking opportunities in the fashion industry.

00:03:17 Fashion Buyer shares top tips for standing out in the industry and succeeding in interviews.

When applying for a fashion buyer position, it is important to write an intelligent cover letter that stands out.

Candidates should be knowledgeable about the business and show an understanding of how it could change.

Fashion is an industry for young people, so it is important for young candidates to bring fresh perspectives.

00:04:20 Learn the top 5 tips for becoming a successful fashion buyer and how to navigate the industry as a business professional.

💼 Fashion buyers need to be knowledgeable about current trends and street fashion.

💪 Success in the fashion industry requires hard work and a professional attitude.

🤝 Networking is important, but it must be backed up by delivering results.

00:05:26 Learn the key to success in the fashion industry from Carmen Borgonovo. Networking and hard work are crucial, but personal connections and seeking advice are just as important.

🔑 Networking is important, but it is equally important to form personal connections with people.

🔑 Hard work is crucial for success in the fashion buying industry.

🔑 Seeking advice and reaching out to industry professionals demonstrates dedication and can make a positive impression.

00:06:30 Learn how to succeed as a fashion buyer with these 5 tips from Carmen Borgonovo, a renowned industry expert.

🔍 As a fashion buyer, one of the key tasks is to constantly look for new designers and talent.

📧 Buyers can be contacted directly through email with lookbooks or samples to showcase new designs.

🌟 Getting in touch with buyers through presenting new talent is an effective way to establish connections in the fashion industry.

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