Boost Productivity with Customized Task Order in Todoist

Learn how to customize task order in Todoist using flags and priorities. Boost productivity with a beginner's guide to task management.

00:00:00 Learn how to organize your tasks in Todoist to customize the order in which you see them. Watch the episode now!

📝 In this episode, Carlene explains how to reorder tasks in Todoist to see them in the desired order.

📌 By utilizing projects, labels, flags, dates, and times, Carlene demonstrates how to organize tasks effectively.

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00:01:35 Learn how to reorder tasks in Todoist based on projects and dates, without using labels or flags.

📌 Tasks in Todoist are ordered based on projects and labels.

📌 If tasks have no labels or specific dates, they are ordered based on projects.

📌 Tasks with labels or specific dates are ordered based on their respective criteria.

00:03:09 Learn how to organize your tasks in Todoist and reorder them using flags to prioritize your to-do list.

📋 Todoist organizes tasks in the today view based on priority.

🚩 Adding flags to tasks helps prioritize and move them to the top of the list.

🔢 Tasks can be manually reordered within the flags to change their position.

00:04:44 Learn how to reorder tasks in Todoist and the importance of time in prioritizing tasks.

Adding a time to a task in Todoist will prioritize it and place it at the top of the list, even above flagged tasks.

🚩 Flags in Todoist are not as important as time-based tasks and will be overridden when a time is added to a task.

If a task has a time in the past, it will be automatically removed from the list.

00:06:17 Learn how to efficiently organize your tasks in Todoist using flags without relying on specific times or project order.

🚩 The red flag is used for two main objectives.

🟠 The orange flag is for morning tasks.

🟡 The yellow flag is for afternoon tasks.

00:07:52 Learn how to organize tasks in Todoist by date and priority. Use shortcut keys to rearrange tasks and collaborate with others.

The video explains how to reorder tasks in Todoist.

Pressing the S key will sort tasks by date and time.

Pressing the P key will sort tasks by priority.

00:09:27 Learn how to reorder tasks and build your own productivity system with this free beginner's guide to productivity. Join now!

📚 There is a free beginner's guide to building a productivity system, designed for both new and experienced individuals.

🎉 The guide is an online course that provides tips and tricks to help individuals focus on what is important and create a fulfilling life.

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