Tracking Your 2017 Goals with Todoist

Learn how to track and achieve your goals in 2017 with Todoist. Includes tips for career, fitness, and education goals.

00:00:00 Learn how to use Todoist to track and achieve your goals in 2017 with a demo project covering career, fitness, and education.

🎯 Using Todoist to track and achieve your 2017 goals.

📅 Setting up a demo project in Todoist to monitor your goals.

🔍 Exploring different areas of focus, such as career, fitness, and education.

00:01:26 Learn how to set clear goals and track your progress using Todoist. Get tips on preparing for a promotion and improving your performance.

📝 Adding project comments in Todoist helps provide a clearer idea of goals.

🗓️ Setting a specific date for goals in Todoist can help track progress.

🔍 Conducting research and meeting with HR and boss are important steps for promotion.

00:02:50 Learn how to track and manage your goals using Todoist in this episode of Working With Todoist. Includes tips for dividing projects and organizing tasks.

Using Todoist to track goals and deadlines

Dividing projects into non-completable tasks for better organization

Different approaches for tracking work-related and fitness goals

00:04:17 In this video, the speaker discusses their goals for 2017 and how they track them using Todoist. They mention setting weight loss goals and using a flag system for tasks. They also talk about their diet and grocery shopping habits.

📅 Setting clear goals with specific deadlines.

🏋️‍♀️ Tracking weight and exercising regularly through specific tasks.

🛒 Creating a grocery shopping list for a healthy diet.

00:05:41 Learn how to track your goals using Todoist by creating child tasks under parent projects. This method helps with monitoring food, fitness, and education goals.

Using child projects in Todoist allows for easy tracking and completion of tasks.

Creating child tasks under each project helps monitor and track goals, such as diet and fitness.

Dividing projects into different categories, like education, aids in prioritization and organization.

00:07:05 Learn how to track and achieve your goals using Todoist. Includes tips for daily language learning and weekly reviews.

📅 Create a list of preliminary tasks for learning a new language, such as researching courses.

📝 Track progress by learning five new Spanish words or phrases every day.

🔄 Regularly review and add new words to the list for continuous language learning.

00:08:29 Learn how to set and track your goals for 2017 using Todoist in this informative video.

📝 Setting up goals for 2017 using Todoist and monitoring progress.

💼 Creating a parent project called 2017 goals and detailing three to four goals.

🔍 Monitoring goals and achievements throughout the year.

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