Achieve a flawless look with this under eye creasing fix.

Learn how to fix under eye creasing and achieve a flawless look with a simple powder technique.

00:00:05 In this video, Annie shares a tip on how to apply under-eye concealer using a powder for mature women. She also discusses the use of eye primer for setting under eye makeup.

👁️‍🗨️ Under-eye concealer tips for mature women using powder.

🔄 Experimenting with using powder as an under-eye concealer.

👓 Using eye primer under the eyes for setting makeup.

00:01:48 A tutorial on fixing under eye creasing without mentioning specific product names or sponsorships.

Using a magnified mirror, apply an eye cream under the eyes and blend it out.

Use a corrector, such as Chanel, to color correct the under eye area and blend it with a brush.

Apply a small amount of concealer, like Lancome, under the eyes and blend it in, sweeping across for any discoloration.

00:03:31 Learn how to prevent under eye creasing and achieve a flawless look with a simple powder technique. Watch now!

💡 Using a magnified mirror, apply the Charlotte magic powder under the eyes with a damp Beauty Blender to prevent under eye creasing.

👄 Avoid smiling while applying the powder and gently sweep it off to prevent settling and maintain a natural look.

👀 Some individuals may find that setting powder under the eyes emphasizes dryness, so it's important to adjust the amount of powder used based on personal preference.

00:05:11 A tutorial on reducing under eye creasing and achieving a smoother appearance. Comparison of two methods used to apply concealer and color corrector.

👁️‍🗨️ The speaker discusses their issue with under eye creasing and how it makes their wrinkles more pronounced.

👀 The speaker compares the results of using a primer and powder versus just using a color corrector and concealer on their under eyes.

🔍 The speaker notices that the eye with primer and powder appears smoother compared to the one without.

00:06:53 Learn a quick fix for under eye creasing using a tissue to reduce shine and achieve smoother-looking skin.

👁️ Using a tissue to reduce shine helps smooth out under eye creasing.

🌟 One side of the under eye looks smoother, indicating the effectiveness of the technique.

👀 The other side shows more prominent lines, suggesting the need for a different eye primer.

00:08:33 Learn how to fix under eye creasing and make your makeup look smoother and more natural.

The person in the video notices that there is under eye creasing, especially on one side.

They express confusion about why they prefer the side with more wrinkles.

The person speculates that using a specific powder may help minimize the appearance of under eye creasing.

00:10:14 Learn a tip for fixing under eye creasing in this video. Join me as I share a different look and ask for your opinion on this technique. Subscribe for weekly videos!

👁️ Under eye creasing can be fixed by using a specific tip or technique.

✨ The video mentions the use of eye primers and asks for recommendations.

🗣️ The creator is torn between different approaches and seeks the audience's opinion.


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