Advanced Project Planning with Todoist | Ep 84

Learn advanced project planning techniques using Todoist and the GTD natural planning method

00:00:00 In episode 84 of the Working With Todoist series, learn advanced project planning using the GTD natural project planning method.

📋 Episode 84 focuses on advanced project planning in Todoist using the GTD natural project planning method.

📝 The video demonstrates how to apply the natural planning method to a fictional wedding planning project, including creating a purpose, vision, and brainstorming.

🧠💡 It also mentions the option of brainstorming on paper and then scanning the ideas into Evernote for reference.

00:01:25 Learn advanced project planning techniques for working with Todoist, including organizing tasks, setting action verbs, and collaborating with a partner.

📝 The video demonstrates the process of advanced project planning using Todoist.

It is important to start each task with an action verb.

💬 Collaborating with partners to discuss spending and decision-making is crucial.

00:02:49 Learn advanced project planning with Todoist and create sub-projects for wedding guest, reception, honeymoon, and photographer.

The video discusses setting up tasks and sub-projects in Todoist.

The narrator demonstrates how to organize projects and change their order.

Specific examples of projects, such as 'wedding guest' and 'wedding reception', are mentioned.

00:04:20 Learn how to efficiently plan and organize projects using Todoist, including adding sub-projects, assigning labels, and copying tasks.

📋 Creating and organizing sub projects in Todoist.

💬 Ability to automatically assign labels based on partner's name.

🔄 Copying projects and tasks in Todoist.

00:05:45 Learn advanced project planning techniques in Todoist, including adding labels to tasks and copying and pasting project elements.

🔑 You can add labels to your tasks while planning your project in Todoist.

Copying and pasting tasks can save a lot of time in project planning.

🗣️ You can discuss and collaborate on specific tasks within your project.

00:07:10 Learn how to develop a larger and more complex project using the natural planning method of GTD with Todoist and Evernote.

📝 The video discusses how to develop a more complex project using Todoist and Evernote.

💡 The presenter recommends creating separate projects in Todoist and using Evernote for planning and brainstorming ideas.

📚 The natural planning method of GTD is mentioned as a helpful approach.

00:08:33 Learn how to effectively plan and manage complex projects using Evernote and Todoist in this episode of Working With Todoist.

🎯 Learn how to combine Evernote and Todoist for advanced project planning.

💡 Discover strategies for managing complex projects that require careful consideration.

📝 Ask questions in the comments section for further clarification.

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