Achieving Flawless Glass Skin: Korean Skincare Tips and Affordable Products

Learn my secret Korean skincare routine for achieving flawless glass skin without filters or makeup, using retinol. Discover affordable products and effective tips for a clear and transparent complexion.

00:00:03 Discover my secret Korean skincare routine that transformed my skin in just a week. Learn how to achieve glass skin, without filters or makeup, using retinol.

💧 Using certain skincare products helped improve the texture and glow of the speaker's skin.

🌙 The speaker shares her night routine to achieve 'glass skin' without using filters or foundation.

The speaker introduces the ingredient retinol as a secret to her skincare routine, despite initial concerns about its potential irritation.

00:01:07 Discover the Korean mom secret for healthy and youthful skin - starting retinol in your 20s. Try some by me products for glowing skin and reduce fine wrinkles.

💧 Using retinol-based skincare products in your early to mid-20s can help achieve healthy and glowing skin.

Retinol-based products can effectively reduce fine wrinkles, especially in dry weather conditions.

🌙 These products have become an essential part of the speaker's nighttime skincare routine.

00:02:12 Learn Korean skincare tips for achieving flawless glass skin. A gel cleanser and hydrating toner are key for a smooth and non-irritating skincare routine.

🧼 The Fentanyl Repair Gel Cleanser provides a slimy smooth sensation, leaving the skin hydrated and not dry.

💧 The Beta Fentanyl Repair Toner has a watery and transparent texture that is lightweight and quickly absorbed into the skin.

👍 Directly applying the toner to the skin is preferred over using hands or cotton.

00:03:15 Learn Korean skincare tips for achieving R.E.A.L Glass skin💧. Discover affordable products that feel expensive, last long, and are of high quality. Properly use retinol serum for best results.

💧 Using the skincare line feels luxurious and spa-like, and the products are long-lasting and high quality.

🧼 It's important to use a mild cleanser before applying retinol to prevent dryness and irritation.

⚠️ When using retinol, start with a small amount and gradually increase frequency to allow the skin to adjust.

00:04:21 Learn the best Korean skincare tips for achieving a clear and transparent complexion, including the use of retinal-based products and hydrating creams.

💧 Using retinol-based products at night helps protect the skin from sunlight, and using a mild and hydrating moisturizer afterwards enhances the application process.

🧴 Applying a moisturizing cream after using retinol can help protect and hydrate the skin.

😊 Initially, retinol may cause some irritation, but it is normal and the skin adjusts over time.

After consistent use, the skin becomes more glowing, transparent, and clear.

🌿 Pairing the retinol-based products with beta fentanyl products provides a mild and calming effect.

00:05:26 Discover Korean skincare tips for achieving glass skin with retinol-based products. Find out more on Amazon for reviews and usage instructions.

🌟 The video provides secret Korean skincare tips for achieving R.E.A.L Glass skin.

💧 The speaker recommends retinol-based products for achieving the glass skin effect.

All recommended products can be purchased on Amazon.

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