Developing Intuition and Balancing Life

Discover the difference between instinct and intuition and learn how to develop intuition without consciously trying to perfect it. Explore specific methods and yoga systems for a balanced life.

00:00:01 Discover the difference between instinct and intuition and how to develop your intuition by reconnecting with nature.

🔑 Instinct is a natural survival process that can be weakened by living in artificial circumstances, but it can be revived by reconnecting with nature.

🔑 Intuition is a different aspect than instinct, it is not perception but a different way of processing information logically.

🔑 Developing intuition involves tapping into a different dimension of computing information.

00:01:06 Learn how to develop intuition without consciously trying to perfect it, as guessing is not intuition. Explore specific methods and yoga systems for a balanced life.

🔑 There are various methods to develop intuition, such as sambas and mahamudra.

🧠 Conscious effort to improve intuition can lead to confusion and speculation.

🧘‍♀️ Specific yoga systems, like the one taught in the program, aim to create a balance between the left and right sides of the body for a normal life.

00:02:12 Unlock your intuition by blocking your right nostril with beeswax for 12 years and a quarter. Experience a lack of logical thinking and gain extraordinary knowledge, like a perceptive snake.

🧠 Developing intuition is the main purpose of life for some individuals.

🐝 Blocking the right nostril with beeswax can reduce logical thinking and enhance intuitive knowing.

🐍 Handling snakes, like cobras, can enhance perception and intuition.

00:03:17 In this video, Sadhguru talks about the intuition and how an Indian yogi would carry a live cobra for its heightened perception. The cobra can sense an earthquake before it happens.

🐍 The use of a snake-like staff in different cultures represents the capture of intuition.

🧘‍♂️ Yogis in India carry live cobras for their exceptional perception.

🌍 The behavior of a cobra can indicate an upcoming earthquake.

00:04:21 Developing intuition means being attentive and perceptive. Shiva's association with a cobra symbolizes equality and vision. Embrace your intuition.

👁️ Shiva's carrying a snake as a symbol of his perceptiveness.

🐍 The snake represents intuition and is considered significant.

🧘 Yogis may have snakes or other symbols to enhance their intuition.

00:05:24 Develop intuition by establishing logical dimension of life and practicing chambavi. It's important to pass 12+ years and establish clarity before exploring intuition.

👉 Observing the presence or absence of bee wax in Sadhguru's nostrils indicates his stage in the solar cycle.

🔑 Before developing intuition, it is essential to establish a clear logical dimension in life.

🌟 Practicing chambavi can make the intuitive dimension accessible.

00:06:29 Learn how to develop intuition and tap into your inner guidance with Sadhguru in this Portuguese video.

🔑 Developing intuition requires moving beyond logic.

🔑 Attempting to enter the realm of intuition using logic will only lead to confusion.

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