Create Full Stack Apps Easily with MageGPT: The AI Coding Assistant

Learn how to create full stack apps effortlessly with MageGPT, a free AI coding assistant. No compatibility issues, customizable, and supports various authentication methods.

00:00:00 Discover an AI coding assistant by WASP Lang that revolutionizes web development by creating full stack applications with just a prompt. Say goodbye to compatibility issues and build code bases effortlessly.

🤖 A powerful AI coding assistant called WASP Lang is introduced, which enables the creation of full stack web applications quickly and easily.

🔄 WASP Lang's unique approach and configuration file allow it to handle complex code bases seamlessly, eliminating compatibility issues between the front end and back end.

💻 The MageGPT web app generator demonstrates how to use WASP Lang with an example application, such as a to-do app.

00:01:05 Create full stack apps easily with MageGPT. Customize colors and creativity level. Supports various authentication methods. Generate your app with one configuration file.

Users can create, toggle, and edit tasks with descriptions.

Users can choose app brand color and creativity level.

Wasp AI coding assistant integrates the back end and front end in a single file.

00:02:08 Generate full stack apps like magic using MageGPT! It uses GPT 4 for upfront planning and GPT 3.5 for code generation. Completely free and easy to use with the AI coding assistant Wasp.

📚 MageGPT is a text-to-full-stack app that utilizes GPT 4 and GPT 3.5 for planning and code generation.

💻 The app generates files in real time and provides an easy way to define routing and page definitions.

🆓 MageGPT is completely free to use, but requires running the 'wasp' tool on a Mac or Windows using WSL.

00:03:11 Learn how to create a full stack app with MageGPT, including common coding errors and fixes. Install necessary tools, download files, and create a database.

💻 The video demonstrates how to create a full-stack app using MageGPT and fix common coding errors.

🔧 The process includes installing necessary dependencies and downloading the app files from a zip file.

📚 Creating the database and migrating it is also covered in the tutorial.

00:04:12 Learn how to create a full-stack app in minutes using MageGPT with a step-by-step guide on installing the required tools and running the app.

🔑 Use node version manager to install the correct version of node and set it as the active version.

📦 Run the command to create and set up the database, install dependencies, and migrate the application.

Start the application easily with a simple command and access the ready-to-use to-do application.

00:05:14 Learn how to create a full stack app using MageGPT. Easily add and check off tasks, deploy with a node plus react JS framework, and use for one-command deployment.

💡 This video demonstrates how to create a full-stack app using a framework called Wasp.

Wasp allows users to easily create tasks and check them off in the app.

🚀 The video shows how to deploy the app using, which simplifies the deployment process.

00:06:21 Learn how to deploy a full-stack app using MageGPT, without mentioning any sponsorships or brand names. It's free to deploy and test, with support for PostgreSQL. Easily get your app up and running on the web!

🔑 Deploying and testing the application is free after adding a credit card.

🚀 To deploy the application, use the command 'wasp deploy fly launch to-do' and replace 'to-do' with your app name.

💡 If you encounter an error with SQLite, switch to using PostgreSQL by editing the main.was file.

00:07:24 Learn how to create a full stack app like magic with MageGPT for free.

🔮 This YouTube video demonstrates how to use MageGPT to create a full stack app from text.

🔌 The video provides step-by-step instructions on how to use MageGPT to generate code and seamlessly integrate it into a full stack application.

💻 By following the tutorial, viewers can learn how to leverage MageGPT to automate their app development process and save time.

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