An Interview with Tea Belle: 100 Questions and Answers

An English interview with Tea Belle answering 100 questions about her life, career, and preferences.

00:00:00 A fun interview with Tea Belle, answering 100 questions in English including name, age, favorite food, being vegan, and beauty preferences.

Tea Belle answers 100 questions about herself, including her name, age, and nationality.

🌱 Tea Belle discusses being a vegan and her reasons for choosing a plant-based lifestyle.

👠 Tea Belle reveals her preference for not wearing high heels and her thoughts on beauty.

00:01:58 An English interview with Tea Belle, covering various questions about her personality, career as an actress and singer, favorite Kpop artists, and famous songs.

💼 Tea Belle is an actress, singer, and songwriter.

🎵 She is involved in the K-pop industry and loves singing.

🎥 Tea Belle has had many acting roles in movies and television.

00:03:55 A fluent speaker of German, English, and Korean answers 100 questions. They enjoy visiting cafes and dancing since childhood.

📚 The interviewee is fluent in German, English, and Korean.

😊 They enjoy visiting cafes, especially in Korea.

💑 The interviewee believes couples should say 'I love you' when they genuinely mean it.

00:05:49 An English interview with Tea Belle featuring 100 questions and answers covering topics such as skincare, communication, and personal preferences.

🎥 The video is an English interview with TEA BELLE.

🗣️ TEA BELLE discusses various personal questions and topics.

00:07:45 English Questions with Tea Belle: Interview with Questions and Answers.

📚 The video is an English interview with Tea Belle, featuring 100 questions and answers.

💭 Topics discussed include personal habits, fame, work experience, hair coloring, exercise routine, cooking skills, and alcohol and coffee consumption.

Tea Belle shares insights on her shopping habits, phone usage, perception of life, and mood.

00:09:39 A concise English interview with Tea Belle answering various questions about love, being awake, reducing stress, fashion, achievements, and more.

📔 The speaker discusses their relationship with their parent and how they express their love.

😴 They talk about managing stress by doing nothing and staying in bed.

🌍 The speaker mentions their desire to visit various countries, including Singapore and Thailand.

00:11:38 English interview with Tea Belle answering 100 questions including favorite season, musical instruments, hospital visits, recent vacation, phobias, and regrets.

🎥 The video is an English interview with Tea Belle.

🌸 Tea Belle's favorite season is spring, but she has to change her answer due to allergies.

🎵 Tea Belle considers her voice as a musical instrument.

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