Quickest Tutorial: Create an SEO-Friendly Website for Affiliate Marketing (ChatGPT)

Learn how to quickly create an SEO-friendly website for affiliate marketing. Boost page speed score, get AdSense approval, add Amazon affiliate links.

00:00:01 Learn how to quickly create an SEO-friendly website for affiliate marketing. Boost your page speed score, get AdSense approval, and add Amazon affiliate links.

📌 Learn how to quickly and easily create a WordPress website that is approved by AdSense and includes Amazon affiliate links.

📌 Improve your website's page speed score and SEO by following the steps in the video.

📌 Discover the process of selecting a niche for your website and how to use Google Ads Keyword Planner to verify its potential.

00:05:29 This video provides a tutorial on creating a SEO-friendly website for Amazon Affiliate and AdSense. It guides viewers through picking a niche, choosing a domain, and setting up a website.

🔍 Choosing a niche for an SEO-friendly website tutorial.

📚 The importance of selecting a domain with niche-related keywords.

💻 Setting up a website using WordPress and hosting services.

00:10:58 Creating a website about terrariums using AI, with a logo made using mid-journey. The website is now live with WordPress 6.3 and has category pages about terrarium basics and care, and terrarium plants.

🌿 A niche affiliate website called Everything Terrarium focuses on the hobby of keeping terrariums.

💻 The website uses AI to create its design, including the creation of a logo using Mid-Journey.

📚 The website includes various category pages such as terrarium basics, terrarium plants, and care.

00:16:24 Learn how to create an SEO-friendly website for Amazon Affiliate and AdSense using AI technology. Follow the tutorial to edit themes, add a logo, customize permalinks, and create important pages.

⚙️ Editing the theme and adding a favicon and site logo.

📚 Setting up permalinks and creating important pages for the website.

🌐 Creating pillar pages and optimizing website navigation.

00:21:47 A tutorial on creating an SEO-friendly website using AI. Covers website setup, design, social media integration, and compliance. Includes recommendations for plugins and tools.

🏠 Understanding the basics of tiny houses on wheels.

🔧 Setting up a basic website with themes, styles, and permalink structure.

💻 Adding important website elements like header, footer, and social media channels.

📝 Installing a table of contents plugin and ensuring compliance with privacy policies.

00:27:14 Learn how to create an SEO-friendly website for Amazon Affiliate and AdSense monetization. Set up privacy policies, analytics, and cookies. Also, explore options for advertising.

🔗 Copy the custom URL and add it to the website or use the HTML code.

🔒 Configure privacy settings and select options for statistics and consent.

🍪 Set up cookie policy and decide whether to index immediately or wait.

📈 Install Rank Math and connect Google Analytics for website indexing.

💰 For advertising, create an account on a specific platform.

00:32:39 Learn how to create an SEO-friendly website using AI technology. Discover techniques for keyword research and content writing. Get tips on monetizing your site with Amazon affiliate links and AdSense ads.

🔑 The speaker created a successful website using a particular method and is waiting to be accepted by Google.

📚 The speaker recommends using a playlist to learn about keywords, writing, and ranking a website on Google.

💼 The speaker explains how to monetize a website by using ad inserters, affiliate links, and tracking clicks.

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