Revolutionizing the Metaverse: Meta Quest 3, AI Assistants, and Smart Glasses

Meta Quest 3 unveiled as powerful mixed reality headset with AI advancements, virtual assistants, and smart glasses.

00:00:01 Meta Quest 3 revealed in Meta Connect 2023 Keynote Livestream. Thank you, everyone, for joining me!

🔑 Meta Quest 3 revealed in Meta Connect 2023 Keynote Livestream.

🎉 Exciting announcements and updates were shared during the Livestream.

🌟 The audience expressed their appreciation and excitement throughout the event.

00:23:25 Meta Quest 3, Meta Connect 2023 Keynote Livestream revealed with gratitude and excitement.

🔑 The Meta Connect 2023 Keynote Livestream was held.

📺 The livestream featured various music segments.

👏 The audience expressed gratitude multiple times.

00:56:15 Meta Quest 3 is unveiled as the most powerful mixed reality headset, allowing users to seamlessly blend the physical and digital worlds. It features improved hand tracking, precision controllers, and enhanced graphics. The headset also introduces AI advancements and a library of immersive content.

📺 Quest 3, the most powerful mixed reality headset, allows blending of physical and digital worlds.

🌐 The future of human connection involves the unification of the physical and digital experiences in the metaverse.

🤖 Meta is advancing AI technology to make it accessible and integrated into everyday apps and experiences.

01:19:15 Meta unveils AI-powered virtual assistants for various purposes, including basic assistance, recipe ideas, and travel planning. They have also partnered with celebrities to bring personality to the assistants. Additionally, Meta introduces the next generation of its smart glasses with integrated AI capabilities and live streaming functionality.

👉 Meta is rolling out AI editing tools and stickers to Instagram next month.

💬 Meta believes in multiple AI interactions and is building a platform for users to create their own AIS.

🤖 Meta has introduced various AI characters with unique backstories and opinions.

👓 Meta's new smart glasses, equipped with Meta AI, will allow users to interact hands-free and have live streaming capabilities.

01:42:19 Meta Quest 3 is a mixed reality headset with improved graphics, enhanced resolution, and the ability to blend physical and digital environments. It will launch at $499 and comes with a range of new games and apps.

📺 Quest 3, the first mainstream mixed reality headset, is the most powerful headset ever shipped by Meta.

🕶️ Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses, launching on October 17th, combine better camera and audio with Meta AI built-in.

🌐 The combination of mixed reality and advances in AI allows for the integration of digital objects into the physical world.

02:05:31 Ray-Ban introduces the new Meta smart glasses collection with enhanced camera, microphone array, speakers, and AI capabilities. The glasses are stylish, comfortable, and can be customized. They also have features like live streaming and real-time search. Pre-orders start at $299.

📸 The new Ray-Ban meta smart glasses collection features an Ultra wide 12-megapixel camera for capturing photos and videos without needing a phone.

🎧 The new glasses have improved speakers, directional audio, and a microphone array for immersive audio and hands-free calling.

👓 The glasses are redesigned to be more stylish, comfortable, and lighter with customizable frames and lenses.

🌐 The glasses introduce new features like live streaming and meta AI, which can provide creative ideas, useful information, and real-time search capabilities.

02:28:32 Meta Quest 3 Revealed: Meta Connect 2023 Keynote Livestream - An exciting showcase of new AI experiences and technologies, including mixed reality smart glasses and artificial intelligence, shaping the future of the metaverse.

🔑 The AI team discusses the development process and collaboration to create AIS with diverse interests and personalities.

🌐 AI Studio is introduced as a platform for building, testing, and managing AIS, with plans to expand into a sandbox for personal experimentation.

🔮 Future advancements in AIS include increased realism, embodiment, and connectedness, as well as new models for text, image, and video generation in the metaverse.

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