Ahsoka 1x6: 'Part Six: Far, Far Away' - Exploring Ahsoka's Journey and Mysterious Encounters

Ahsoka 1x6: 'Part Six: Far, Far Away' reaction discusses Ahsoka's new look, Anakin's appearance, and encounters mysterious creatures in a whale graveyard.

00:00:00 In the Ahsoka 1x6 reaction, the crew discusses Ahsoka's new look and speculate on the nature of Anakin's appearance. They find themselves in a whale graveyard on the planet Peridia.

Ahsoka is now wearing the white gear and has silver accessories.

In this episode, the crew arrives at Peridia, a whale graveyard.

Peridia is the ancient home world of Ahsoka's ancestors, the Damir.

00:08:27 A reaction to Ahsoka 1x6: 'Part Six: Far, Far Away'. Night sister magic, Jedi enemies, and a mysterious arrival. A journey to find Ezra continues.

🔮 The night sister used magic powers in the episode.

🚶🏻‍♂️ The characters visited a place called the Seeing Stone.

👥 The main character's friend, Ezra, is mentioned and may still be alive.

00:16:56 Ahsoka reunites with Ezra in the Slow-Paced episode, encountering mysterious creatures and exploring the origins of the Damiri.

🐢 The protagonist encounters a crab-like creature and marvels at the new galaxy they are exploring.

🔍 The protagonist discovers a symbol similar to one associated with a character named Ezra.

🏰 The protagonist finds a village and interacts with its inhabitants, while also encountering a familiar face.

00:25:22 Ahsoka 1x6 explores the existence of a Force-like power on a different world. There are unanswered questions and potential connections to Ahsoka, Ezra, and the witches of Fate. The episode introduces new designs and possibilities for action figures.

The force still exists in this world, but its nature is uncertain and different from our galaxy.

There are many unknown aspects to Dair magic and its relationship with the force.

Ahsoka's arrival and the presence of Ezra may lead to further exploration of the witches on the planet.

00:33:49 Ahsoka 1x6 is a fairy tale-like episode with discussions about the history and mythology of the Star Wars galaxy. The episode introduces Thrawn, portrayed as perfection in live action.

🌟 The discussion between Ahsoka and Huang about the history and moral aspects of the Star Wars stories.

🧚‍♀️ The episode being more like a fantasy fairy tale rather than a science fiction story.

🗡️ The concept of a 'boken Jedi' and how Luke Skywalker and Ezra's training relates to it.

🌌 The exploration potential of the new galaxy and the mysteries surrounding Thrawn's entrance.

00:42:15 Ahsoka encounters Grand Admiral Thrawn in live-action. Thrawn's appearance and voice are praised, while the hairline is criticized. The episode sets up the mystery of Ezra's whereabouts and hints at a greater threat in the galaxy.

The video discusses the introduction of Grand Admiral Thrawn in live action and compares his appearance to the animated version.

The voice acting and expressions of Thrawn are praised, with the only issue being his hairline.

The video also mentions the introduction of live action Ezra and the similarity in voice and character.

The actors playing Ahsoka and Sabine are complimented for their performances and the development of their characters over time.

00:50:40 Ahsoka 1x6 reaction: Balin's motives and Ahsoka's modified lightsaber. Poll on the fate of Admiral Thraw's Storm Troopers. Subscribe for more Ahsoka.

The characters wonder if they have been to this place before and discuss connections to previous storylines.

🤔 There is speculation about Balin's motives and his desire to go to the beginning to stop the cycle of power.

🔮 Thon's knowledge of Ahsoka's master and his potential interactions with her are anticipated.

Summary of a video "Ahsoka 1x6 REACTION!! "Part Six: Far, Far Away"" by Star Wars: Wave Squadron on YouTube.

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