The Work-Life Imbalance: A Historical Perspective

Documentary on the imbalance between work and life, exploring the history of work and its impact on society.

00:00:10 Documentary on the imbalance between work and life, exploring the history of work and its impact on society. Reveals that our work life hinders rather than improves our lives.

The use of digital technology reinforces the extractive and automated biases of industrialism.

The pandemic has shown that our work life does not improve our lives, but rather represses us.

Throughout history, there has been a shift from working few hours to working long hours for survival.

00:07:44 A documentary on the work-life balance and the impact of capitalism on society's perception of work, highlighting the origins of the work ethic and the shift towards consumerism in the West.

🔑 The work ethic was originally tied to religious salvation and required dedicating one's life to a specialized occupation.

🌍 The transition from feudalism to capitalism led to a shift towards valuing people based on their utility value and selling time as a commodity.

💼 The rise of consumerism and advertising has led to a sense of alienation and a focus on material possessions to fill the void left by community and connection.

00:15:24 This documentary explores the imbalance between work and life in modern society, highlighting the damaging effects of stress and overwork. It delves into the origins of stress and the influence of neoliberal economic policies. The film also discusses the importance of well-being at work and the impact of consumerism on individual satisfaction.

🌍 The economy is causing the destruction of our planet and human life.

😰 Stress is a serious issue, exacerbated by modern capitalism and work culture.

The pressure to do more in less time has taken over our lives.

00:22:58 A documentary exploring the imbalance between work and personal life in the modern world, leading to constant work, consumption, and a lack of free time.

🔑 In today's society, there is a constant pressure to be more productive and consume more, leading to a cycle of work, earn, spend.

💼 Work has a colonizing effect on our free time, leaving us with little time for leisure and personal fulfillment.

🌐 Digital technology and automation, rather than freeing up more time, have increased inequality and work-related stress.

00:30:34 Obsessing over work is an economic problem. The need to work long hours for a living prevents us from enjoying our time and creates a negative impact on the climate. Reducing the working week and implementing universal basic income can improve the human aspect and provide economic security. Embracing leisure and redefining its meaning is crucial for a more balanced life.

People work too much because they have to earn a living.

Reducing the working week would have a positive impact on the climate and improve the human aspect.

Universal Basic Income could provide economic security and freedom to pursue leisure activities.

00:38:06 A documentary exploring the need for a balance between work and life, and the importance of time to think. It discusses the negative impact of endless working hours and the value of collective action to reduce the working day.

🏠🌍💻 Affordable housing, renewable energy, public transport, and wifi are important factors that allow people to live safely and work fewer hours.

⏰💭 Time to think is essential for freedom and distributive justice. Policies should be introduced to ensure everyone receives their fair share of free time.

📈🌍🚫 GDP as a measure of success is flawed, as it excludes important elements like environment, health, and poverty. We need a different economic system driven by collective action.

00:45:36 A documentary about finding balance between work and life, highlighting the discovery of essential workers and the importance of human connection.

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 During the pandemic, families had to make difficult decisions between work and home, sacrificing time with loved ones.

👥 Essential workers, often overlooked and undervalued, are the ones who keep the country running.

Work is seen as a practical necessity for survival, but it reduces the opportunity for human connection.

🌍 By reducing economic activity and prioritizing social connection, we can live a richer and more fulfilling life while addressing ecological collapse.

💫 Everyone has intrinsic value and worth, regardless of their economic contributions.

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