The Journey of Noah: Saving Earth from Destruction

Noah and his family, guided by fallen angels, prepare for a flood prophesied by God to save Earth.

00:00:00 The world is destroyed due to wickedness. Noah is chosen to build an ark and save creatures. Wicked descendants of Cain are confronted by Noah and his family.

🌍 The world is being destroyed due to wickedness, and Noah is chosen to save the creatures by building an ark.

🏛️ Descendants of Cain and Seth evolve into powerful civilizations, with Cain's descendants spreading wickedness and Seth's descendants protecting the Earth.

🚀 Noah, after facing challenges, grows up and sets out with his children to find food, emphasizing the importance of nature's purpose.

00:01:34 Noah witnesses signs from the Creator and prepares for the destruction of the sinful world with a flood. He seeks guidance from his grandfather, Methuselah.

🌍 Noah witnesses signs from the Creator indicating the earth's impending destruction.

🌱 Noah receives a dream revealing the Creator's plan to destroy the sinful world with a flood.

🗻 Noah embarks on a journey with his family to seek guidance from his grandfather, Methuselah.

00:03:07 Noah and his family are helped by fallen angels known as the Watchers. They were banished from heaven for helping humans. Despite their efforts to help humanity, humans turned against them.

📝 Noah's family finds a depleted mine and rescues a little girl named Isla.

🏞️ They escape from murderers and seek refuge with the Fallen Angels.

🌟 Noah learns that the Watchers were banished for helping humans and reveals their true nature.

00:04:40 Eight humans, guided by fallen angels, prepare for a flood prophesied by God. They build an ark with the help of divine intervention.

👼 Noah meets Methuselah, who explains the purpose of their help.

🔥💧 Methuselah reveals the plan to destroy the world with water for creation.

🚢🌳 With the help of the Watchers, Noah builds the ark and creates a forest.

00:06:16 Noah builds an ark to save animals from an impending flood. His family faces challenges and conflicts as they prepare for the new world.

🚢 Noah guides creatures into the ark as the flood begins.

🌍 Noah believes humans should not be part of the new civilization.

🐍 Tubal Kane tries to storm the ark with his followers.

00:07:50 Eight humans on the ark navigate a post-apocalyptic world, battling against the forces of darkness. Family loyalty is tested as they strive to ensure a future free from corruption.

🌍 God destroys humanity, leaving only 8 humans to free Earth for a new civilization.

🍎 Man chose darkness by eating from the forbidden fruit, leading to sin walking with men for generations.

🌧️ Noah faces challenges on the ark, including Tubal Kane's attack and the birth of female twins.

00:09:24 Noah saves twin girls and reconciles with his family. He charges them to care for the world and they witness intense rainbows.

🌍 Noah spares the lives of twin girls, believing in the value of life and children.

🍷 Noah isolates himself and drowns his sorrows in wine after feeling ashamed and like a failure.

🌈 Noah charges his family with the responsibility to care for the world and witness intense waves of rainbows.

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