Embracing Spiritual Healing: The Journey of a Jewelry Designer

A successful jewelry designer transitions into using stones for spiritual healing and launching a new jewelry line with a focus on fear of success.

00:00:02 A successful jewelry designer discusses her journey after losing everything in the economy. She seeks a transition into using stones for spiritual healing and helping others feel beautiful.

πŸ’Ž The speaker had a successful jewelry business for ten years, designing for well-known brands and selling on QVC.

🌍 They experienced a significant setback two years ago due to the economy but are now in a transitional phase and want to combine their passion for jewelry with a more spiritual approach to help people feel beautiful.

🀝 Their ultimate goal is to brand themselves and provide assistance to both women and men on various levels with their jewelry.

00:02:02 In this life coaching session, the individual explores launching a new jewelry line with a focus on fear of success. They plan to create a simple necklace with rose quartz, symbolizing love.

The speaker wants to transition into a different approach to jewelry.

There is fear of success holding the speaker back.

The first step is to make a simple necklace using rose quartz.

00:04:01 In a life coaching session, the focus is on breaking down tasks and accepting that progress is made one step at a time, overcoming fear and pain from past experiences.

πŸ€” The person is overwhelmed by the idea of achieving big results and needs to focus on smaller tasks.

😫 Accepting that progress is made one step at a time is difficult and painful.

🧠 The person's ego is getting in the way of prioritizing and accomplishing tasks.

00:06:07 A life coaching session explores childhood programming and a struggle for success. The client seeks to break free and follow her own path.

πŸ’‘ The client identifies a struggle that is holding them back from starting over.

πŸ’­ The client recalls a childhood memory that shaped their belief about success.

πŸ—£οΈ The client desires to pursue their own passions instead of fulfilling parental expectations.

00:08:05 In a life coaching session, the speaker discusses healing from trauma and reconnecting with oneself. Emotions of anger and safety arise, revealing the importance of allowing oneself to fully feel.

πŸ’” Trauma causes disassociation and splitting off from oneself.

πŸ” Healing involves bringing back parts of oneself and being present.

😑 Initial anger towards father transformed into a new feeling of safety.

00:10:01 Discovering and embracing your truth can be painful, but it's essential for personal growth. Explore the resistance and fears that arise on your journey and learn to be present with them.

πŸ’‘ The speaker emphasizes the importance of feeling deserving and doing what you want.

πŸ˜” The speaker expresses pain and uncertainty about not knowing what to do and not having a backup plan.

😑 The speaker describes feeling angry and being reminded of past experiences of being shamed by a parent.

🧠 The coach suggests that the resistance and blockage come from personal beliefs about what things mean.

πŸ” The coach mentions a loop created by feeling pain, anger, and returning to past traumas.

🌟 The focus of the coaching session is on shifting inner feelings and examining beliefs that create resistance.

πŸ‘οΈ The coach encourages being present with and exploring any fears or resistance that arise during the journey.

00:11:59 In a life coaching session, identifying and naming what blocks you can help you let it go and be gentle with yourself. Set realistic goals and be excited for a new life.

πŸ’‘ Identifying and naming what is blocking you can help you release its power and move forward with compassion.

πŸ“ Setting achievable goals, such as making one necklace, contacting ten clients, and writing a few pages per day, can create a sense of doability and excitement.

πŸŽ‰ Embarking on a new life can bring a feeling of excitement and a sense of awesomeness.

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