Bootstrap 5 Website Development Tutorial

Learn how to build and deploy a responsive website using Bootstrap 5, with features like smooth scrolling, accordions, and a responsive layout.

00:00:00 In this video, we will build a Bootstrap 5 website using common classes like nav bars, cards, flexbox, and grid. The website will include smooth scrolling, a showcase area, newsletter, CSS grid, accordion, instructor cards, contact info, a map, and a responsive layout. No mention of sponsorships or brand names.

This video is a bootstrap 5 crash course for building a website.

The video covers setting up bootstrap and common classes for features like nav bars, cards, flexbox, and grids.

The project includes a navbar, smooth scrolling, showcase area with images, accordion for FAQs, instructor cards, contact info, map, footer, and a modal.

00:11:21 Learn how to create a responsive website using Bootstrap 5, including navigation and showcase areas with flexbox and text classes.

🔧 Bootstrap 5 allows for easy creation of responsive navigation menus using classes and HTML attributes.

💻 Flexbox and padding classes in Bootstrap 5 can be used to create a showcase section with dark background, centered text, and aligned image.

📱 Responsive design techniques in Bootstrap 5 ensure that the layout adapts to different screen sizes and adjusts the alignment and display of elements.

00:22:41 Learn how to align elements with flexbox and create a newsletter section, input group, and grid system using Bootstrap 5.

🔧 Using flexbox to align elements on the horizontal and vertical axis.

Adding padding and creating a newsletter section with a blue background.

📦 Implementing a grid system with three even columns using Bootstrap's grid classes.

00:34:01 Learn how to build and deploy a website using Bootstrap 5. Includes using Bootstrap icons and creating responsive layouts with grids.

📚 Bootstrap 5 has introduced new features and improvements, such as easier integration of icons and low-level classes.

🌈 There are pre-made styles available in Bootstrap 5, but it is important to customize them to avoid a generic look.

💻 The tutorial covers building a website using Bootstrap 5, including creating cards, grids, and accordion sections.

00:45:20 Learn how to build and deploy a website using Bootstrap 5. Includes tutorials on navigation, fixing the navbar, creating accordions, and adding instructors.

📌 The video demonstrates how to create a fixed top navbar and solve the issue of content being hidden underneath it.

🔍 The tutorial also covers building an accordion section with frequently asked questions.

👨‍🏫 Lastly, it explains how to create a grid with columns for displaying instructors.

00:56:38 Learn how to build and deploy a website using Bootstrap 5. Create a responsive layout and add card elements with images, names, and social media links. Also, include a contact section and map using Mapbox.

📚 The video is a crash course on building and deploying websites using Bootstrap 5.

💻 The video covers topics such as grid system, cards, images, social media links, and map integration.

📝 The video also includes instructions on creating a contact section with a list group, and a footer with a go back up button.

01:07:56 Learn how to build and deploy a website using Bootstrap 5. Includes features like smooth scrolling, modals, accordions, and a responsive design.

Creating a website using Bootstrap 5 by adding a footer with copyright text and a 'Go Back' link

Adding a modal to the website and configuring it to open when a button is clicked

Deploying the website using Hostinger and setting it up with GitHub

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