A Brazilian Expat's Journey in Japan: From Scratch to Helping Others

Laura, a Brazilian expat in Japan, shares her 20-year journey of starting from scratch and learning Japanese. She helps others with passport renewals, visas, and language learning.

00:00:00 Laura, a Brazilian expat in Japan, shares her 20-year journey of starting from scratch and learning Japanese. She helps others with passport renewals, visas, and language learning.

👋 Introducing myself and explaining how I can help solve your problem.

💼🔍 Sharing my experience of living in Japan for over 20 years and starting from scratch.

🛫✈️ Describing my work in a travel agency, helping with passport renewal and visa processes.

📚🎓 Discussing my teaching experience in franchised language schools, teaching Japanese and English.

00:02:02 A personal journey from studying abroad to teaching English and cultural exchange in Japan, and eventually returning to Brazil to teach English at a school.

🌍 The speaker discusses their experience working in Guiforashima, teaching Japanese people about Brazilian culture and participating in cultural events.

🤝 They highlight the opportunity to create study groups and fun activities for English-learning mothers and their children, which became a success with a significant increase in students.

🏠 After returning to Brazil, the speaker purchased a house and taught English at Colégio Santa Luzia, organizing various events involving music and cinema.

00:04:04 A summary of the video: My experiences working in different places and assisting foreign students in Japan.

🌍 I have experience working in different countries and languages, including organizing language activities and assisting foreign students in their studies and college applications.

🔎 I have worked in various roles, such as cashier, kitchen staff, and mail sorting, gaining knowledge in food preparation and the distribution system.

📚 I have also provided assistance to foreign nationals in Japan, helping them with education, navigating university admissions, and providing general support and information.

00:06:07 A summary of the video is about the speaker's experience in helping foreigners understand the healthcare and tax payment system in Japan and assisting them with various administrative tasks. The speaker also mentions providing private assistance with visa renewal and car inspection.

💼 I have worked in Japan, specifically in Kuana and Nagoya, assisting foreigners with various tasks such as opening bank accounts, navigating government procedures, and providing language support.

🗣️ In addition to my role as an advisor, I have also provided private assistance for visa renewal and car inspection, catering to the diverse needs of foreigners in Japan.

🌟 Since April 2020, I have been providing similar support in Yokohama.

00:08:10 In this video, the speaker shares their personal journey and how they overcame challenges, emphasizing the importance of emotional support.

👨‍💼 I have provided assistance to people with various tasks and had personal experiences in Japan.

💻 I learned to use the internet to transform my life and now I want to help others with their emotional needs.

😔 Many people face emotional struggles, such as anxiety and depression, and I have found important answers to help them.

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The speaker co-authored a book called 'Superman Superation' that contains tools and stories of resilient individuals.

The speaker challenges the audience to find their mission and purpose in life, as many people's problems stem from not knowing their purpose or doing things for others.

The lack of a sense of purpose can lead to emptiness and difficulties in life.

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🔍 I can help you if you're feeling demotivated, sad, stressed, or stuck in life.

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Summary of a video "Quem sou eu? Como posso te ajudar?" by Seu poder oculto Laura Hoçoya on YouTube.

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