The Power of Pre-Existing Tools in Game Design

The video emphasizes the importance of using pre-existing tools and overcoming fear in game design. Focusing on gameplay and setting goals leads to success.

00:00:00 The video discusses the importance of using pre-existing tools instead of creating a game engine for game designers. It highlights the need for uninterrupted time, emotional well-being, and fearlessness in creativity.

🎮 Making a game engine is beneficial for game engine programmers or those specializing in programming, but if you want to focus on game design, it's better to use a pre-existing tool.

🧠 Creativity is about mastering your human nature, dealing with fear of failure and judgment, and taking bold actions to pursue uninterrupted time, space, and emotional well-being.

🎢 Overcoming fears and challenges can lead to personal growth and achievement, just like conquering the fear of doing a double backflip on a snowboard.

00:03:42 Overcoming fear and taking risks are essential for personal growth and success. Whether in snowboarding or the work world, pushing beyond comfort zones leads to progress and skill development.

⚡️ Building a healthy relationship with fears and picking them apart leads to growth and progress.

🏂 Taking necessary risks and putting in hard work is important for improvement and success.

💡 Creativity is often discouraged in the work world, hindering progress and job security.

00:07:25 The fear of creating a game and facing rejection leads many developers to make game engines instead. However, overcoming this fear is essential for growth and improvement in game design.

🎮 Many game developers choose to make game engines instead of actual games due to the fear of failure and the comfort of working on defined parameters.

💡 Designing a game requires addressing questions about the core mechanics, market demand, uniqueness, and potential success, which can lead to self-doubt and insecurity.

🔑 Failure and self-criticism are essential for growth, and learning from unsuccessful game projects can lead to improved skills and future successes.

00:11:06 The video discusses why programmers should focus on making a game instead of a game engine. It emphasizes the importance of having a clear idea of gameplay, genre, and design problems. The speaker shares their experience of creating and improving a snowboarding app, highlighting the challenges and rewards of shipping a successful product.

🎮 Making a game engine may not be beneficial for programmers and aspiring game developers.

💡 Instead of focusing on technical details and game engine development, programmers should prioritize creating a game and understanding its mechanics and design.

💼 To succeed in selling products to customers, programmers need to invest time in the customer-facing aspects of game development.

00:14:49 The video discusses the process of building a game without using a game engine, emphasizing the importance of focusing on gameplay and setting specific goals. It also provides an example of creating a puzzle game from scratch and highlights the significance of staying motivated in the creative process.

🎮 Building a game engine is like repurposing leftovers from previous apps.

🧩 When building a game from scratch, focus on the gameplay and solve problems one step at a time.

🔨 Set specific goals and break down the development process into manageable tasks to stay motivated.

00:18:31 The importance of starting with a specific game instead of a generic game engine. Building games piece by piece and repurposing leftovers. Emphasizing the need for constraints to enhance creativity.

🎮 Starting with a generic game engine can lead to a lack of structure and focus.

🧩 It is better to start with specific elements and then build abstractions as needed.

⚒️ Making a game involves building piece by piece and modifying systems as necessary.

00:22:14 Why making a game engine can lead to success in the game industry.

🎮 Start building a game with low Fidelity art to gauge the audience's interest.

💡 Prototyping game concepts and accumulating knowledge and code base is important for success.

💰 Consider creating a game engine and building a business around it for long-term success.

Summary of a video "Why You Shouldn't Make A Game Engine" by Theodore Bendixson on YouTube.

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