Enhance Your Typing Experience with Free AI Tools for iPhone

Discover free AI tools like AI keyboard for iPhone that enhance typing experience, provide answers, compose emails, and generate art.

00:00:00 Discover free AI tools like AI keyboard for iPhone that allow you to access current information and browse the internet with the help of Chat GPT.

πŸ“± Chad GPT can perform various tasks on your iPhone.

πŸ’‘ Presenting some of the most impressive AI tools available.

πŸ†“ All the tools discussed in the video are free to use.

00:01:40 Discover the AI Keyboard for iPhone extension that scans search results to provide answers, use Chat GPT to find software solutions, analyze links, and use Chat Sonic to quickly write email replies.

πŸ’‘ The AI keyboard extension can generate its own answer based on scanned search results.

πŸ” Chat GPT can help find relevant software based on specific needs and provide descriptions for each.

🌐 The extension can analyze links and provide brief summaries of the linked content.

βœ‰οΈ Chat Sonic, the extension, can help generate email replies quickly based on provided inputs.

00:03:21 An AI keyboard tool called Chat Sonic can automatically add text add-ons. It can compose emails, tweets, LinkedIn posts, YouTube comments, and Facebook Messenger replies with different tones. It is free.

πŸ’‘ You can save time by using an AI keyboard that automatically adds add-ons to your text based on one word.

πŸ’¬ Chat Sonic can compose an entire email, tweet, LinkedIn post, YouTube comment, or Facebook message with a specific tone in mind.

πŸ†“ Chat Sonic is a free tool that can be used on various platforms including Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google Docs, and Facebook.

00:05:04 Discover a versatile AI keyboard for iPhone that enhances typing experience with grammar checking, tone selection, translation, and more. Also, explore the convenience of using voice commands with the Chat GPT mobile app.

πŸ“± You can install an additional AI keyboard on your iPhone called spell wise that allows you to use AI features anywhere on your phone.

πŸ’¬ The AI keyboard provides useful AI options like checking grammar, choosing a language tone, and translating text, which can be used in various apps such as Twitter, email, Instagram, and Tinder.

πŸ—£οΈ The chat GPT mobile app allows users to communicate with chat GPT using voice commands, making it faster and easier. This feature is also available on desktop through an extension.

00:06:43 Learn about a free AI tool called AI Keyboard for iPhone that allows you to type with your voice and get responses from an AI. Explore additional features like AI voices and language selection. Discover the power of Google Workspace Labs for enhanced productivity.

πŸ€– Talk to Chat GPT is a free AI tool that allows you to ask questions with your voice and get automatic text responses.

πŸ”‘ By signing up for a free account on 11 Labs, you can access around 35 AI voices and improve speech recognition in Talk to Chat GPT.

πŸ“š Google Workspace Labs is a powerful tool that offers various features and customization options across Google Workspace apps.

00:08:24 Discover a user-friendly native AI tool integrated into Google products called Palm 2. It excels in math, code, translation, and more. Use a Chrome extension, CPD Summary, for quick summaries.

πŸ‘‰ The AI Keyboard for iPhone is a native tool integrated into Google products that is user-friendly and has its own language model called Palm 2.

πŸ” Palm 2 is very good at math, code, advanced reasoning, and multilingual tasks, making it different and better than GPT-based tools.

πŸ“ The CPD Summary for Chrome is an AI tool that generates brief summaries of videos or articles, making it highly useful for extracting important information.

00:10:07 Learn about a free AI keyboard app for iPhone that allows you to generate art without internet or cost, making it a convenient tool for working on the go.

πŸ’‘ The transcription discusses an app called Diffusion B that allows users to generate unlimited art on their computers without internet or payment.

πŸš€ The app offers additional style options for more precise results and is ideal for users who work on the go or travel frequently.

πŸ” The windows version of the app is not currently available, but it will be released in the future.

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