Immersive virtual course on Campo - Module 9

Explore immersive virtual course on Campo - Module 9. Discover intriguing geological formations and characteristics of Vaca Muerta.

00:00:03 Explore immersive virtual course on Campo in Module 9. Discover intriguing geological formations and stratigraphic units, providing insights into depositional systems and migration pathways.

πŸ“š The video discusses interesting cuts in the area that show the different depositional systems and units.

πŸ—ΊοΈ There is also a regional cut from north to south that represents the main units and their distribution.

πŸ”¬ The video highlights the refractance values of veterinite and the age of discontinuities in the rock formations.

00:03:01 An immersive virtual course on Campo - Module 9. Exploring the geological formations and characteristics of Vaca Muerta through a guided tour in Puerta de Tres.

The video discusses the importance of the Vaca Muerta formation in the oil industry.

The Vaca Muerta formation is unique due to its thickness and proximity to other oil deposits.

The formation consists of various units, including the Tordillo and Mulichinco formations.

00:06:00 Immersive virtual course on Campo - Module 9. The basal section of Vaca Muerta contains high levels of total organic carbon, while the upper section is more lutitic. The section near the transition to Kituco has interesting levels of organic carbon.

The video discusses the geological formations of Campo and the different levels of organic carbon found in the area.

There is a significant amount of organic carbon located in the basal zone of Vaca Muerta, which is referred to as 'kitchen.'

The discovery of multiple 'kitchens' with high levels of organic carbon has led to the development of a different geological model.

00:08:58 Virtual immersive Field Course - Module 9. Exploring formations, levels, and characteristics of Tordillo and Vaca Muerta. Includes 3D models and resistivity profiles.

πŸ“š The video discusses the simplified column and discrepancies in the lower part.

πŸ” The speaker explores the Tordillo formation and the basal contact, as well as characteristics of the Vaca Muerta zone.

πŸŽ₯ There are 3D models and images that show the resistive and acoustic profiles, allowing for visualization of contractions and dominant levels.

00:12:07 An immersive virtual course on Field - Module 9 reveals intriguing formations in the Vaca Muerta formation. Analysis shows injected overpressured sands indicating a massive depositional center for mega turbidites within the Vaca Muerta.

πŸ” The speaker discusses unusual structures in the Vaca Muerta formation and their analysis.

πŸ”¬ Samples were taken to analyze the injected overpressured sandstones within the Vaca Muerta formation.

⚠️ The results suggest the presence of large turbidites in the formation, indicating a significant depositional center.

00:15:12 Immersive virtual course on Field - Module 9. A demonstration of rock injection and the complexities involved in exploiting shale reservoirs like Vaca Muerta.

πŸ“š The study of vaca muerta has generated new knowledge and revealed that it is not homogeneous.

πŸ“Š The complexity of exploiting these type of reservoirs requires considering heterogeneities in hydraulic fracturing.

πŸ”¬ The injection process of breaking rocks and advancing with pressure is demonstrated using the example of arenas.

00:18:10 Exploration of deformations in the Vaca Muerta formation, showcasing various levels and 3D models. Discusses stress on rocks during overpressure and resulting fractures.

πŸ“š The video discusses the phenomenon of deformation in vaca muerta and its relation to consolidated rock.

πŸ”Ž The transcript mentions the presence of various levels and 3D models showcasing the characteristics of the concreciones.

🧩 The video explores the formation of cracked structures and the impact of rock stress during the process of overpressure.

Summary of a video "Curso virtual inmersivo de Campo - MΓ³dulo 9" by G.C.S Argentina on YouTube.

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