5 Ways To Get Faster With Todoist

Discover five effective ways to improve your productivity with Todoist in this episode of Working With Todoist.

00:00:00 Discover five effective ways to improve your productivity with Todoist in this episode of Working With Todoist.

💡 There are five fantastic ways to speed up using Todoist.

⚡️ Todoist itself is fast and efficient on both computers and mobile devices.

📝 The speed of inputting tasks into Todoist is crucial for effective task management.

00:01:29 Learn 5 ways to speed up your use of Todoist, including using keyboard shortcuts and quickly capturing tasks. Increase productivity with seamless task management.

⚡️ Capturing tasks quickly and easily helps the system work seamlessly.

🔍 There are five ways to speed up the use of Todoist.

⌨️ Using the Shift Command keyboard shortcut facilitates task collection.

00:02:57 Learn 5 ways to optimize productivity with Todoist: 1. Practice task capture, 2. Use quick actions, 3. Install browser extensions.

📥 Tasks can be quickly captured and collected in the inbox.

🏷️ Using specific symbols like '@', '#', and 'P' can speed up task organization.

🌐 Browser extensions can enhance the functionality of Todoist.

00:04:23 Discover 5 ways to increase efficiency with Todoist, including using browser extensions, Gmail integration, and creating a personalized dashboard.

📥 Using browser extensions to quickly add tasks to Todoist.

📧 The benefits of using the Todoist extension in Gmail.

📋 Creating a personalized dashboard in Todoist for daily task management.

00:05:52 Learn 5 ways to optimize your Todoist workflow, including organizing tasks with labels and using the shift and select feature.

Organize tasks with labels and prioritize them using a custom start page.

Create a custom query to display specific tasks when opening Todoist.

Utilize the shift and select feature to efficiently move tasks in Todoist.

00:07:18 Discover 5 ways to maximize your productivity with Todoist, including rescheduling tasks, organizing projects, and utilizing pinned favorites.

Shift select allows you to easily perform actions on multiple tasks, such as rescheduling, moving to a project, and adding or removing labels.

📌 Creating a personal workflow using pinned favorites helps streamline daily tasks and prioritize important objectives.

⌨️ Modifying keyboard shortcuts, like using the shift command, can enhance productivity in Todoist.

00:08:47 Learn 5 ways to get faster with Todoist and improve task management efficiency. Speed up your workflow for collecting and organizing daily tasks.

💡 There are several ways to speed up your productivity with Todoist.

💡 Experimenting with different ideas and techniques is highly recommended for improving speed and efficiency.

💡 Being able to quickly collect and organize tasks on a daily basis is essential for productivity.

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