Mastering Trim Paths in After Effects: Line Animations and Text Effects Tutorial

Learn how to create dynamic line animations and text effects in After Effects using trim paths. Discover various tricks and techniques for smooth and flexible animations.

00:00:00 Learn how to create organic line animations using trim paths in After Effects. Animate stroke start and end points, offset keyframes, and use the graph editor for speed adjustments.

The tutorial covers the basics of creating and animating trim paths in After Effects.

By adding keyframes and adjusting the speed graph, organic line animations can be created.

Trim paths can be applied to individual shapes or the entire group for animating strokes.

00:01:27 Learn how to create dynamic text animations using trim paths in After Effects. Explore an in-depth animation course and use code MANUALMOTION10 for a discount.

📝 Animating shapes individually with trim paths creates a text reveal effect.

🖌️ Expressive typography in motion can be created by designing letter forms in Illustrator and animating them in After Effects.

🌀 Using the repeater and transform properties in After Effects allows for the creation of graphic explosions.

00:02:51 Learn crazy trim path tricks in After Effects tutorial. Move a point along a line and link objects to it. Smooth animation and more!

📌 The tutorial explains how to use the trim paths property in After Effects to create animated lines.

🚀 By adding expressions to the endpoint of the line, you can create smooth and round animations.

🔗 It is also possible to link other objects to the animated point using the create knots feature.

00:04:14 Learn how to animate trim paths in After Effects using expressions and null objects to create dynamic effects.

📝 Using expression controls and null objects, we can animate trim paths in After Effects by linking the start value to a slider control.

🔄 By adding an expression to the position property, we can link the null object to the trim paths point layer, allowing us to animate the point.

🔢 The two comp expression enables us to convert the slider control's number into position values for the null object and achieve the desired animation.

00:05:39 Learn how to create flexible and curved animations in After Effects using trim paths and expression linking.

Using expressions to link a slider control to a path in After Effects.

Exploring the limitation of animating an object along a path and the need for flexibility.

Creating an improved version of animating arrows using the pen tool in After Effects.

00:07:02 Learn how to create dynamic arrows using trim paths in After Effects, with tips on adjusting stroke width and tapering. Perfect for motion graphics!

🔑 Using trim paths in After Effects to create dynamic shapes.

🎯 Linking path properties to maintain consistency in shape changes.

🔧 Adjusting stroke width and tapering to control arrow direction.

00:08:28 Learn how to create amazing trim path animations in After Effects with this tutorial.

🎥 Adjust stroke width and start length in taper.

🔄 Animate the start point with two keyframes.

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