Structuring Problematic Reality: Key Points and Strategies

Learn how to structure problematic reality in research by understanding important points: description, space, factors, consequences, and investigation.

00:00:00 Learn how to structure problematic reality in research by understanding six key points: importance, description, space, factors, consequences, and investigation.

📚 Understanding how to structure the problematic reality in research is crucial.

🔍 Six important points to consider when elaborating on the problematic reality.

💡 Providing examples to help in developing the problematic reality.

00:01:38 How to structure problematic reality by describing international, national, and regional facts with statistical data, as well as the space where the issue occurs.

🌍 International, national, and regional facts should be described separately.

📊 Include statistical data to support the description of the problem.

🏢 Provide a concise description of the place where the problem occurs.

❗️ Back up the problem description with relevant indicators.

00:03:19 Structuring problematic reality: identifying causes, linking independent variable, predicting future consequences if not addressed.

📋 A description of the problem should mention the dependent variable.

🔍 Identify the general and specific causes of the problem.

⚠️ Explain the consequences of not addressing the problem.

00:04:59 This video discusses how to structure a problematic reality in a business or community. It covers the importance of defining variables and identifying research problems.

📌 The first paragraph of the problematic reality research consists of detailing the study variables and authors supporting the investigation.

🔍 The second paragraph focuses on formulating general and specific research questions related to the problematic reality.

💡 The importance of the research topic is highlighted in the introductory paragraph.

00:06:38 The video discusses studying problematic issues using scientific articles and books to avoid plagiarism in academic research.

📚 The author studied the problem by consulting scientific articles, books, and theses.

👥 The researcher described the problem internationally, citing various sources.

🌍 The student focused on the problem at a global level, rather than regionally.

00:08:15 This video discusses the problematic reality of how to structure a company, including the causes and consequences of the problems. It also highlights the importance of conducting research.

🔍 The video discusses the problematic reality of structuring a company, supported by statistical data.

💼 It highlights the number of employees in the company and describes the internal problems that exist.

⚠️ The causes and consequences of the problem are also explored, emphasizing the importance of addressing it.

00:09:53 How to structure problematic reality? Learn to ask research questions and find resources for independent research. Free consultation available on the website.

🔍 We need to define our general and specific research questions.

💡 There are resources available on the website that can help with independent research.

💻 The information on the website and the YouTube channel can assist in developing your own research.

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