Interview with Sexy Red on This Past Weekend Podcast

An interview with Sexy Red on This Past Weekend podcast discussing merch, shows, candles, dating, pursuing dreams, floods, pets, personal experiences, first relationships, growing up in a black household, fashion trends, interracial dating, cultural differences, sunburn, diabetes, criminal justice system, sponsorship, online therapy, marriage, parenting, celebrities faking their deaths, plastic surgery, Trump's popularity, downsides of fame.

00:00:00 This video features an interview with Sexy Red on the podcast This Past Weekend. They discuss various topics like merch, upcoming shows, candles, dating, and the challenges of pursuing dreams. They also talk about floods, pets, and personal experiences.

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🎟️ Upcoming shows in Las Vegas, Norfolk Virginia, Huntsville Alabama, and Atlanta Georgia.

🔥 Interview with Sexy Red about her success, childhood, and dating life.

00:12:29 A discussion about first relationships and the naivety of young love, as well as the challenges of growing up in a black household and finding the right partner to have children with.

👫 The speaker reflects on their first love and the naivety of being in a young relationship.

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 They discuss the idea of having children and the importance of finding the right partner.

🎵 The speaker talks about their unexpected success in the music industry and how their authenticity resonates with listeners.

00:24:58 Theo Von discusses the unique style and intriguing personality of a guest named Sexy Red, who enjoys drawing, painting, and sewing clothes. They also touch on the evolving fashion trends and the importance of embracing different cultures.

🔑 The speaker discusses their unique style and the intrigue it elicits from others.

They talk about their talent for drawing, painting, and sewing clothes.

💥 They express their love for making their own clothes and how it contributes to their personal style.

00:37:26 In this video, the hosts discuss various topics including their preference for strong partners, interracial dating, and cultural differences. They also touch on sunburn, diabetes, and their experiences with the criminal justice system.

The conversation covers various topics, including personal style and preferences.

They discuss the importance of setting boundaries and being respected.

They touch on different cultural experiences and perceptions.

00:49:59 Theo Von discusses sponsorship from Morgan and Morgan, as well as the benefits of online therapy. He also shares his thoughts on marriage and his experiences in the music industry.

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💡 Marriage is seen as just a ceremony, not something real, as it doesn't prevent cheating. However, the idea of celebrating love with a ceremony is still appealing.

🎤 The speaker is no longer nervous to perform on stage and enjoys knowing that the audience will like their music. They reflect on their journey and growth as an artist.

🍳 The speaker is interested in exploring different avenues, such as starting a cooking show or a fashion line. They enjoy finding ways to make money and have diverse interests.

🌿 The speaker discusses their preference for smoking over drinking and their high tolerance for marijuana. They also touch on cultural differences in substance use.

🌍 The speaker expresses curiosity about experiencing different cultures and wishes they could swap bodies to understand others' perspectives.

01:02:29 A conversation about parenting, the importance of having both parents in a child's life, and the possibility of celebrities faking their deaths.

The video discusses the importance of having both parents in a child's life and the impact it has on their development.

The conversation also touches on the topic of faking death to escape fame and the possibility of famous figures like Tupac and Elvis still being alive.

Additionally, the video mentions the story of a Compton street legend who provided a gun used in a drive-by, and his revelation while on his deathbed.

01:14:57 A discussion about the possibility of people faking their deaths and changing their identities. The conversation covers various topics including plastic surgery, personal preferences, Trump's popularity, and the downsides of fame.

The discussion revolves around the possibility of people faking their deaths and changing their identities through surgery.

The conversation also touches on personal preferences regarding physical attributes, such as breast reduction and a moving butt.

The video concludes with a discussion on support for Trump in the hood and the challenges and downsides of fame.

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