Unveiling the Skinwalker: From Navajo Myth to TikTok Sensation

This video delves into the mythological creature of a skinwalker in Navajo culture and its rise in popularity on TikTok.

00:00:00 This video explores the mythological creature known as a skinwalker in Navajo culture and its recent popularity on TikTok.

👹 Skinwalkers are shape-shifting mythological creatures in Navajo culture that can transform into animals or possess them.

🌎 The exact origin of skinwalkers is unknown, but they have existed within Navajo culture for hundreds of years.

📈 Skinwalker sightings on Tick-Tock have grown in popularity since mid-October, with users sharing their alleged encounters through videos with special effects and storytelling techniques.

Summary of a video "What Is a Skinwalker?" by Know Your TikTok on YouTube.

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