Solving Equations with Maximum Integers - Example 4

This video explains how to solve equations with maximum integers using theorems and find the solution interval.

00:00:04 This video demonstrates how to solve an equation using the maximum integer theorem. The solution involves finding the absolute value of a certain expression.

💡 Using the respective theorem, we can solve the given equation and find the solution.

🔍 The equation involves the maximum integer function and requires finding the value of x.

To solve for x, we multiply all the terms by 2 and take the absolute value of the result.

00:01:09 Solving equations by applying theorems 26 and 27. Finding the solution for each equation separately. (29 words)

🔑 The video discusses solving equations with absolute values.

🧩 The example equation is separated into two parts based on the definition 7.

📜 The solution is found using theorem 27 for one part and theorem 26 for the other part.

00:02:14 A video demonstrating the application of theorems to equations with maximum integers. The solution is an interval intercepted with the real numbers.

The video discusses the application of the respective theorems to solve equations.

The first equation uses theorem 27, while the second equation uses theorem 17.

The solutions to the equations are represented by real numbers.

00:03:17 Solving equations with integer maximum / Example 4. The solution is x >= -5 and x <= -3 or x >= 7 and x < 9.

📝 We have two equations: x ≤ -3 and x ≥ 7, which intersect at two intervals.

🔍 The first interval is -5 ≤ x ≤ -3, and the second interval is 7 ≤ x < 9.

The solution is either x ≤ -3 or 7 ≤ x < 9, representing the intersection of the two intervals.

00:04:23 Solution to equations involving maximum integer values in a given interval.

🔢 The video discusses equations involving the maximum integer function.

🔑 The solution to the equation is the union of two closed intervals.

📚 The intervals are: (-∞, -3] U [7, 9)

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